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Texas passed concealed carry on campus three years ago…………..

And the leftists at the Cult of Gun Control did what they always do. They predicted wild shootouts, and terror in every classroom, and, as usual, they were exposed as panic mongering hoplophobes

Campus carry, approved by the Texas legislature in 2015 and implemented a year later, allows those with concealed carry permits to possess firearms on public college campuses. The ruling expanded a 20-year-old law by allowing concealed carry permit holders to carry firearms inside buildings, rather than only on campus property open spaces.

In the two years since the law took effect, Texas colleges have been free of mass gun violence, much like previous years.

When the proposal became law, professors statewide protested, and three UT-Austin professors brought a lawsuit against the state, claiming that it violated their academic freedom and increased the likelihood of violence.

But the grave threat to academic freedom claimed by professors has been nothing more than fear-mongering. In fighting against campus carry, the professors argued that students able to carry firearms into their classrooms made them fearful of discussing controversial topics. Tempers might flare, they said, and the situation could escalate into violence. They were especially incensed that the law did not let them individually ban firearms from class.

Some professors went so far as to transfer to another school or engage in performance art. Charles K. Smith, a community college professor at San Antonio College, came to class wearing body armor to protest the passage of a similar campus carry law for community colleges. Nobel laureate Thomas Südhof refused to teach at UT-Southwestern because of the “constant danger that a gun will be pointed at me any minute.”

Will they ever learn? Doubtful, very doubtful

There the Cult of Gun Control goes again

Odd, the left screeches about human rights constantly, yet, they actively campaign against the most essential human right, that of self-defense

Wells Fargo & Co. is doubling down on the gun industry, undaunted by criticism of its deep ties to firearm companies and the National Rifle Association.

The San Francisco-based bank last week issued a $40 million line of credit to gun manufacturer Sturm, Ruger & Co., according to financial filings. That’s on top of the $431 million in debt that Wells Fargo has arranged for gunmakers since December 2012, when the Sandy Hook school shooting escalated the gun control debate. No other bank lent more to the industry over that time, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

The new debt, issued to one of the world’s largest publicly traded gunmakers, came as a big surprise to at least one group: nuns who had been talking to Wells Fargo about corporate-responsibility issues. On Sept. 26, the day before the debt agreement was issued, they had met with the bank’s business-standards employees in New York.

“This is shocking news because we are in sustained dialogue with Wells Fargo,” said Nora Nash, a sister at St. Francis of Philadelphia who was at the meeting as a member of the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility. “This new business relationship with Sturm Ruger is in direct conflict with ethics, culture and respect for human rights throughout the company.

So, owning a firearm is not a human right? Of course it is. Self-preservation, and defending your loved ones is the most basic human right. And just what is unethical about a bank doing business with a legitimate business exactly? To me, unethical would be demonizing the tens of millions of gun owners. Sounds as if moral clarity has escaped Nora Nash. Disarming the good only helps evil people, that is a basic truth.

Lebron James defines hypocrite for us

Via Bearing Arms

For some reason, the media wants to hang on the every word celebrities utter. It’s as if they believe that because they are an athlete or performer with significant skill, they are equally skilled in all other things. They seem to give these people a platform from which they can spread their political opinions far and wide, yet never bother to even ask how well these celebrities even understand the issue.

When it comes to guns, it’s particularly insidious.

After all, with fame comes wealth in most cases. Sure, you can be famous and broke, but that’s not how it usually works. Because of that wealth, though, celebrities have the ability to hire professional security, men with guns who will keep their employers safe and sound. At the same time, though, they espouse opinions on guns.

The latest example of this? NBA superstar LeBron James.

NBA star LeBron James loves his family, naturally enough. And when bad guys recently targeted them, he took steps to keep them safe. Specifically, the Los Angeles Lakers dribbler brought in some heavy-duty firepower – a whole team of armed guards. He’s taking “every possible measure” to protect his loved ones, as would anyone.

Meanwhile, as far as the little people are concerned, LeBron says “there is no room for guns.”  And he wants to increase penalties for carrying firearms – “legal or illegal.”

Incredibly, even Chicago’s anti-gun priest, Father Michael Pfleger, has armed guards. Of course, Pfleger claims he has no armed bodyguards. Yet despite Pfleger’s prevarications, one of his favorite bodyguards caught was arrested for carrying a gun without a license not long ago. Right on the steps of Fr. Pfleger’s church.

If anti-gunners didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have any at all.

Ah yes, elitism, it is great for everyone who is, in fact filthy rich, but for average folks? It does not work at all

Anti-gun England encounters some sanity

Via Bearing Arms

However, England, a country that’s ready to ban everything, has found a line too absurd even for them.

The Silhouettes of world war soldiers, due to be installed in green spaces throughout the country, were snubbed by Brockenhurst Council after they decided that the rifles the Tommies were holding could ‘upset families’.

Instead of the installations, they decided to cover the town’s lampposts in poppies as this would be seen as a less violent alternative.

However, their suggestion caused outrage among residents and they were forced to backtrack on their plans after they were slammed with a petition in favour of the silent soldiers.

Councillor Harry Oram told the Daily Echo that he voted in favour of the soldiers but others were against the statues because they had rifles depicted in them.

Wow, sanity wins, for now, the madness of the left will not stop

Gun Raffle triggers whiny ex-students

Oh no, here we go again

A gun raffle for a Georgia high school soccer team has drawn criticism from former students.

Some former students of Dodge County High School are bothered after learning through Facebook that 30 guns were being raffled in September to benefit the soccer team, the Telegraph of Macon reported . An organizer of the raffle said they are trying to raise money to help with uniforms and feed kids on out-of-town trips.

Organizers believe the raffle is a great idea, but alumna including Crystal Velasquez and Lena Smith Nations are opposed to it.

“I was kind of bothered by it, the audacity of it all, especially in this day and age,” Nations said.

Well, she was bothered, oh no!

Velasquez thinks the school doesn’t need to be associated with the gun raffle. She spoke out about a Dodge County cheerleader booster group selling T-shirts that displayed the saying, “In Dodge County we stand for the flag, kneel for the cross. That’s Indian pride.”

Dodge County school superintendent Michael Ward said the booster group voluntarily stopped selling the shirts after an outcry on social media and political backlash over debate stemming from NFL players kneeling during the national anthem.

“We’re the so-called liberals speaking out about a T-shirt so, of course, I’m going to speak out,” Velasquez said. “It is so many guns at one time.”

Oh just shut up!

Your asshat of the Day

Washington State Governor Inslee

In this case, we have the governor of Washinton refusing to sign marksmanship awards–something every other governor in the country does–because the event was registered with the NRA.

Governor Inslee is doing something unbelievably petty.

Back in 1903, there was a group that started in our nation called the Civilian Marksmanship Program. They would get together and have shooting competitions. It was for a while under the auspices of the Department of Defense. Here in Washington, they have a couple of groups that go and compete in marksmanship — the Washington State Rifle and Pistol Association, and the Washington State Police Pistol Association.

This organization always holds an annual banquet, where the top shooters — both civilians and law enforcement officers — are given certificates signed by the governor. Most states do this every year. It’s known as the Governor’s 20.

“The Governor’s 20 has been around for years — it’s a competition of law enforcement officers [who] are competing for skills,” Jane Milhans of the Washington State Rifle and Pistol Association told me.

This year, however, Governor Inslee’s office sent this letter ahead of the banquet.

“The certificates that were signed last May will be the final certificates signed by the governor … Governor Inslee is no longer able to support any program affiliated with the National Rifle Association (NRA), due to the organization’s obstructive efforts to undermine common sense gun safety measures, including those that enjoy broad public support.  We understand competitors will be disappointed by this decision; however, the Governor [sic] believes constructive conversations and meaningful action around gun safety are necessary to better protect our families and communities.”

Realy class move there Governor Inslee