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The very real danger in red flag laws

Remember this new Marxifornia law that allows pretty much anyone to “red flag” gun owners

The state’s “red flag” law, meanwhile, will now allow almost anyone to petition courts to take away someone’s firearms.

The law currently allows law enforcement and family members of troubled individuals to ask the courts to issue a “gun-violence restraining order” that takes away their firearms, but the measure signed Friday by Newsom adds teachers, school administrators, employers and co-workers to the list of those who may petition the courts to remove guns.

Assemblyman Phil Ting (D-San Francisco) authored the bill after school officials said they had raised concerns about the behavior of the Parkland shooting suspect before he allegedly went on a rampage in February 2018.

“Thoughts and prayers are no longer enough,” Ting said Friday. “With school and workplace shootings on the rise, it’s common sense to give the people we see every day the power to intervene and prevent tragedies.”

This is where the Cult of Gun Control would love to take “red flag laws”, because it would allow an all out assault on gun owners. It would destroy due process, and would pave the way for even more inane laws. And, for those who would cast a doubtful eye to my theory, consider this

An 84-year old retired police officer, military veteran, and school crossing guard in Massachusetts has had his firearms seized and was fired from his job after someone overheard a conversation at a diner and reported him as a threat to the local school.

Stephen Nichols says he was talking with a friend at a local restaurant on Martha’s Vineyard when the subject of the local school resource officer came up. Nichols was upset that the officer, in his opinion, was “leaving his post” by going to get coffee at a nearby convenience shop instead of remaining on campus to protect students, and said that somebody could “shoot up the school” in the officer’s absence. Based on nothing more than that simple remark, Nichols’ life was turned upside down and the Tisbury police have a lot of questions to answer.

Nichols said the waitress made a complaint to Tisbury Police about what she overheard and on the strength of that, Saloio and another officer relieved Nichols of his crossing guard duties while he was in the midst of performing them and subsequently drove to his home and took away his firearms license and guns.

“He came up and told me what I said was a felony but he wasn’t going to charge me,” Nichols said of Saloio.

The confiscated guns were later turned over to Nichols’ son-in-law, Nichols told The Times.

Asked if he was given a letter or any paperwork for the seizure of his license, Nichols said,

“No he just told me to hand it over so I took it out of my wallet and handed it to him.”

Nichols says never received any receipts acknowledging the seizure of his firearms either, and notes since he obtained his Massachusetts firearms license in 1958 he’s never had any issues until now.

This also points out the danger of forcing people to have a “license” to own firearms. And it illustrates the perils of useless gun control measures that not can be, but will be used against law-abiding Americans

The left chirps about stopping “gun violence” takes it easy on thugs who carry illegal guns

Zendo Deb has a story that will make any sensible person very angry, especially law-abiding Americans that own firearms. 

More on Chicago’s recipe for more crime. Rapper “G Herbo” gets probation in gun case.

If you make something less expensive, you will see more of it. In this article, CWB Chicago looks at Cook County’s continuing efforts to make gun crime less expensive.

Rap star Herbert “G Herbo” Wright reached a plea deal with prosecutors who accused him of having a handgun in a limo near State and Roosevelt in February 2018. Two other men in the vehicle were also charged with having guns.

Wright and prosecutors struck a deal in which the rapper pleaded guilty to one count of misdemeanor carrying a firearm while prosecutors dropped four felony gun charges. Judge Matthew Coughlan sentenced him to two years probation, nine days time served, and levied a fine of $494.

Criminals, carrying ILLEGAL firearms get their wrists slapped. Meanwhile the same criminal coddling miscreants demonize lawful gun owners and demand we cede our liberty to the state. Here are two more story from the link above

Prosecutors said surveillance video captured images of Ricardo Ortiz pulling out a handgun in the garage at 240 East Illinois in August 2018. He allegedly fired the weapon at a security camera and then into the garage, striking a 20-year-old man in the abdomen, according to court records. The victim recovered from his injuries and identified Ortiz as the shooter, police said.

Ortiz was on second chance probation for burglary at the time of the incident. He also had pending cases for theft, narcotics, and probation violation. He repeatedly failed to appear in court and had been put on and taken off electronic monitoring in the months before the Streeterville incident.

In a deal with prosecutors, Ortiz received a sentence of one year with 499 days credit for time served in the gun case. Judge Timothy Chambers also sentenced him to concurrent terms of two years for manufacture-delivery of cannabis, two years for a burglary in Justice, Illinois, and three years for possession of fentanyl.

With time served and an anticipated 50% credit for good behavior, his parole date is set for Feb. 2, 2021.

Enough to make you scream isn’t it? How do those “prosecutors” sleep at night? Try this one folks

Prosecutors accused 22-year-old Gerald Hunley of shooting at people in the 800 block of North Cambridge on June 9, 2018. He was a registered gun offender at the time due to a previous gun violation.

Hunley reached a deal with prosecutors in which he pleaded guilty to aggravated unlawful use of a weapon while the state dropped two counts of aggravated discharge of a firearm, two counts of being a felon in possession of a weapon, and three other felonies.

Judge Catherine Haberkorn sentenced him to six years in prison with 443 days credit for time served. With an anticipated 50% sentence reduction for good behavior, Hunley will be paroled in July 2021.

More stories at the links and here is the ugly truth about the recent mass shooting in Kansas City from Cam Edwards at Bearing Arms

A man accused of orchestrating a mass shooting at a bar in Kansas City, Kansas last weekend could have been sentenced to nine years in prison for trafficking in contraband while behind bars, but a Kansas judge gave the murder suspect probation instead. Hugo Villanueva-Morales is still on the run after allegedly opening fire in a private bar Sunday, killing four people and wounding five more along with an accomplice, but he shouldn’t have been on the streets in the first place.

Villanueva-Morales was a violent felon serving time for aggravated robbery when he went before a judge last year on charges of trafficking contraband while behind bars. The judge in the case could have sentenced him to nearly a decade in prison, but decided on probation because he decided the criminal had “accepted responsibility.” As it turns out, this isn’t the first time Judge Michael Gibbens has caused an outry because of his decisions.

The story gets even more maddening, go read it all.

Your Marxist Moron of the Day

Edward Stack is the CEO of Dicks Sporting Goods,  and, it would seem, a virtue signalling  fool as well

Dick’s Sporting Goods CEO Edward Stack wants you to know he is not anti-Second Amendment. He is, however, against having his stores associated with any more mass shootings.

So, he took guns off the shelves.

And, to keep them off the streets, he destroyed them. Lots of them.

“I said, ‘You know what? If we really think these things should be off the street, we need to destroy them,’” Stack said in an interview with CBS News.

Reality #1 evil people commit evil acts. Evil people. And no amount of bumper sticker mentality will change that

He turned the $5 million of AR-15s he had in stock into scrap metal.

Then, following the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Stack learned the shooter purchased a shotgun from one of his stores. It’s then, he said, that he had enough. He changed store policy, limiting firearm purchases to people over 21 years old.

He said the move has cost his company about $250 million.

Reality #2 making laws or rules that punish good people does nothing to change the behavior of bad people.

Stack said he isn’t expecting to change the world, just to do his part to save a life.

“So many people say to me, you know, ‘If we do what you want to do, it’s not going to stop these mass shootings,’” he told CBS. “And my response is, ‘You’re probably right, it won’t. But if we do these things and it saves one life, don’t you think it’s worth it?’”

Surely! Of course if we banned stairs in homes, or climbing trees, or swimming, lives could be saved. If we mandated everyone wear a helmet all the time we would save some lives. What if we banned cars? Or designed them to be unable  to exceed 25 MPH? That would save at least one life right? Hey, why not ban anyone from ever eating solid food, thus preventing choking! That would save some lives right? 

Yes, all of those ideas would be seen as moronic. But Stack’s Folly is even more foolish

Stack himself admits that no, his “look at me and how much I care” stunt will not stop any mass shootings, and he admits it will hurt his business. Yet, he persists digging in the Pit of Eternal Stupidity! And yes, doing something that you yourself admit will not solve the issue you are so concerned with solving is the epitome of stupidity!

Dicks, of course has every right to sell what they wish, and, I have every right to not shop there. But the idiocy of embracing policies and laws that will do nothing to stop evil people from slaughtering innocents is the height of foolishness.

Safety? At what cost does a “right” to safety come?

Mike McDaniel knocks this out of the park

“They that would surrender essential liberty for a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

 Benjamin Franklin

Ah yes, Franklin. One of the wisest men we have been blessed with. Heed his words

Fake Hispanic Beto O’Rourke has managed to anger pretty much everyone.  Normal Americans are angry because he has openly expressed Democrat/Socialist/Communist gun grabbing desires in a way that will no longer allow his brethren to deny they really want to seize the guns of law-abiding Americans.  The more honest—to the degree any of these people can be said to be honest—among them fear O’Rourke may have handed the White House to Mr. Trump in 2020.  “Damn it Beto, you told the rubes what we really intend to do!  How could you do that?!”  To be sure, the occasional Democrat of the past said essentially the same thing, like Senator Diane Feinstein, who, back in 1995, said:  

If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States for an outright ban, picking up every one of them, ‘Mr. and Mrs. America, turn ‘em all in,’ I would have done it.

As McDaniel explains, we, at least those of us who will see, know the lefts endgame

Government has no conscience, and will never allow itself to be sued.  Government has only priorities and powers, and neither are focused on the individual.  D/S/C government is scornful of individual rights because those rights are limitations on its powers.  Thus do they wish to disarm the law-abiding, and care little for disarming criminals, who help keep normal Americans in line.

Politicians know this.  They know no one can hold them responsible for their indifference to the welfare and lives of others.  All normal Americans can do is turn them out of office at the next election—if D/S/C election fraud allows it.  They know they’re not going to hold criminals responsible for their crimes, unless they’re so stupid as to victimize them.  They know exactly what will happened if they disarm the law-abiding, and they salivate at the prospect.

We’re on our own. We are all responsible for defending our lives and the lives of those we love.  Refusing to recognize that reality and refusing to take the steps necessary to save lives does not change reality, because evil exists and it may confront anyone at any time and any place.  An additional reality is an AR-15, or similar rifle, might well be necessary to save lives, and it will surely be necessary if fake Hispanic Beto O’Rourke, or anyone like him, takes power.

The founders felt this the most compelling reason for normal Americans to keep and bear the most powerful military weapons of their day.  Arguments that if they knew about AR-15s, they would never have written the Second Amendment are nonsense.  The tool/technology was never the point; the principle was and ever will be.  They would have been delighted to have that kind of technology, and would have thought and done no differently if they did.

Go read it all, and pass this around folks. 

Why don’t murder suspects walking around free bother Beto?

Case #1

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — A teen accused of bringing a gun to school is also a suspect in an active homicide investigation, according to court records.

Jordan McGee, 17, was charged with possession of a prohibited weapon after he allegedly took a gun to Langham Creek High School on Friday.

In a court record requesting higher bond, prosecutors say, McGee is a suspect in an active homicide investigation and a documented gang member. His bond was increased from $5,000 to $100,000.

Court records say, on Friday, school staff alerted officers to someone on campus that possibly had a gun. He was in the hallway walking toward the cafeteria.

An officer recognized that person as McGee, a former student

When McGee saw the officer, he took off. He was later arrested in a neighborhood with a pistol. Officers also found what’s described as three white Xanax pills in a plastic bag.

Come on Beto, and other fools calling for useless gun laws, where is your outrage over this? Why in the Hell is no one pointing out the danger of gang members, suspected in a murder case walking around free?

Case #2

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — A 29-year-old Houston police officer is out of surgery and walking after being shot by a suspect on Thursday. The surgery lasted five hours, according to Joe Gamaldi.

The dead suspect has been identified as 17-year-old Brandon Bell, confirmed by his family. The mugshot above is from a previous incident earlier in the month, where he allegedly carjacked a campaign worker.

Bell was scheduled to appear in court for the carjacking incident two days before the officer involved shooting happened, according to records.

He was out on PR bond for a criminal trespassing charge related to the same incident.

Police believe Bell is the one responsible for shooting the HPD officer with his own weapon.

Soooo, to be clear, this piece of trash was arrested for carjacking, and was, out on bail? And charged with what, exactly? Oh yes, criminal trespassing What in the Blue Hell is going on with our justice system? And let me say, police chiefs like Art Acevedo are not helping either. All he can see is more gun control

“I don’t want to hear from politicians tomorrow about how much they care about my cop. If they aren’t here to talk to us about solutions, don’t bother showing up at the Houston Police Department,” Acevedo said. “We speak out, and either you do something or don’t show up. We don’t need you here if you’re just going to say universal background checks that help keep guns in the hands of law-abiding Americans of sound mind is not for Texas or this country.”

Well how about NOT releasing car jackers on to the street. 

Of course, as Cam Newton points out, gun laws, excuse me “common sense” gun laws simply do not work

Back in 2013, then-governor John Hickenlooper signed several gun control bills into law, including a ban on magazines over 15-rounds, and a “universal background check” requirement. Six years later, few people have been charged with possessing banned magazines, and background checks haven’t increased either.

One thing that has happened is that crime has gone up across the state, and it’s been a particularly steep increase in the Denver area, and local media are reporting that more children and teens have been shot and killed since January 1, 2018 than in all of 2016, 2016, and 2017 combined.

Prosecutors said 107 teens were charged with gun possession in 2018, compared with 50 in 2015. This year is on pace to equal or surpass last year.

Law enforcement officers, community members and health officials point to a variety of possible reasons for the increase in gun violence against young people. They include changing gang structures, easy access to firearms, violent video games, socioeconomic inequality, hopelessness and an online culture that glorifies gun possession.

Of course, the usual leftist talking points are still being thrown around. Video games, “easy access” to guns, you name it, anything but tougher sentencing guidelines or targeting gangs, or anything else that targets the CRIMINALS who commit violent crimes. It is almost as if stopping violent people is not the real objective here doesn’t it? 

The Left and its thirst for laws, law, and more laws

Animal, no, not his real name, nails the truth behind Betos call for you, and I, to hand over our AR-15s

Meanwhile:  Beta O’Rourke, the lily-white silver-spoon Irish soy-boy with the fake Hispanic nickname, has tried to explain why gun owners would meekly hand over their AR-15s to the government.  Excerpts, with my comments:

Just when we think Beto O’Rourke can’t put his foot any further into his mouth, he proves us wrong… again. After saying he would have mandatory buybacks of all AR-15s, O’Rourke doubled down, saying he know people would follow the new law, should it become a reality. 

Sure, because we know  how it will be enforced – selectively, and only when there is a political point to be made.

That last sentence nails it! It isn’t about laws, as much as power, the power of selective enforcement

Here’s the thing about laws like this that Beta either doesn’t understand or is lying about:  These laws aren’t intended to affect criminals.  They won’t.  Anyone with the IQ of a stuffed iguana knows they won’t.  It’s not possible to make murder any illegal-er, and it’s not possible to get weapons out of the hands of criminals.  No, the intent of laws like this was foreseen by Ayn Rand decades ago:

“Did you really think we want those laws observed?” said Dr. Ferris. “We want them to be broken. You’d better get it straight that it’s not a bunch of boy scouts you’re up against… We’re after power and we mean it… There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws. Who wants a nation of law-abiding citizens? What’s there in that for anyone? But just pass the kind of laws that can neither be observed nor enforced or objectively interpreted – and you create a nation of law-breakers – and then you cash in on guilt. Now that’s the system, Mr. Reardon, that’s the game, and once you understand it, you’ll be much easier to deal with.”

Sounds sinister, but, look at the history of Marxism, and all it bastard offsprings, Socialism, Communism, Stalinism, Leninism, Maoism, Castroism etc. These “isms” are all about sinister