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Your Utopian Idiocy of the Day

The Cult of Gun Control strikes a stupid cord once again

By now, we all know just how clueless the Parkland kids tend to be. More importantly, though, they’re traveling the country all to display that ignorance.

When I saw a story from their visit to Daytona Beach, Florida, I couldn’t help but be struck by just how idiotic and clueless they are.

A panel of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students criticized Legislature’s decision to place one armed school resource officer or trained guardian at every school during a March for Our Lives Road to Change tour stop in Daytona Beach on Sunday, July 15.

“We shouldn’t be reactive,” said Ryan Servaites, a 15-year-old rising sophomore at Marjory Stoneman Douglas. “We should be preventative. We shouldn’t need a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun because the bad guy shouldn’t have the gun.”

Ah, what a nice platitude. If only gun control could always stop the bad guys from getting guns. But it doesn’t. Don’t believe me? Take a look at what happened in Paris, France in 2015. France has incredibly strict gun control laws, yet terrorists were able to get fully automatic AKs to commit their heinous attacks.

The fact is, bad guys are going to get weapons of some kind. Even if you did somehow prevent them from getting guns, they’d use something else. It’s a simple fact.

It’s also a simple fact that a good guy with a gun can stop almost all of these attacks. Period.

Alshaibi said the measures being taken now, including arming school staff, adding metal detectors and making students wear clear backpacks, were just “Band-Aid” solutions. The panel agreed.

“When you break it all down, the solution to gun violence is not more guns,” McConnell said.

I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but it’s true. Armed good guys provide a deterrence effect. Why do you think there aren’t mass shootings at places like gun shows, police stations, or gun ranges? It’s because the kind of people who will launch such an attack know there’s a high likelihood of armed people at all of those places, so trying anything there will lead to them getting shot.

Will they ever learn? Unless they start thinking, rather than spewing emptionalistic babble, no.

Dear John Kasich, please stop talking

Was this clown ever an actual Conservative? 

Gov. John Kasich is sounding off on the lack of movement on gun regulations that he’d proposed earlier this year, commenting on it in two separate public events.

Kasich talked mostly foreign policy and the NATO summit at the National Press Club in Washington, but he did note his frustration about a package of gun law changesthat he hoped Republican state lawmakers back home would take up. “I have a legislature that refuses to consider common sense gun bills,” Kasich said.

The day before at the Columbus Metropolitan Club he brought up one part of his proposal, a so-called red flag law to allow law enforcement to seize weapons from people considered to be dangerous. “I cannot pass that through this legislature,” Kasich said.

Rep. Michael Henne is the sole sponsor of the bill, which has had four hearings but is facing strident opposition from gun rights groups. Kasich has also said he wouldn’t sign a so-called “stand your ground” bill that many Republican lawmakers support.

Ah, “Common Sense Gun Laws” Sure Governor, sure. Common sense as described by those seeking to take as many guns away from the law abiding as possible?

Seattle passes safe storage law

Is the law about safety? Or about hampering self-defense. Consider this section

Seattle’s safe storage regulation, and the rules on reporting lost and stolen guns, state

Safe storage: Guns should be stored in a locked container, and rendered as unusable to any person other than the owner or authorized us

Wait. Locked up AND disabled? Why? If a gun is locked in a safe, or in some other locked away in another manner, why must it also be rendered unusable? Doesn’t this make it harder to actually use a gun for self-defense in a home invasion or break in? Or maybe that is the point?

Leftist showboat in Chicago

They are all about PR, not about stopping violence in Chicago, as Zendo Deb reminds us

Particularly not one that’s only purpose is PR Anti-violence protesters shut down part of Chicago freeway

Father Pfleger, Jesse Jackson and Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson made sure they all got good press coverage. And shut down the northbound lanes of one of the busiest interstate highways in the nation, The Dan Ryan Expressway through Chicago.

Father Pfleger loves to blame the inanimate objects that the bad guys use to do harm. NEVER do they blame the bad guys. Though in the referenced article no mention of gun-control is made. (Personally I think that the media may just be getting tired of him.)

Hollow, false compassion. Look at us we care! Donate to our cause, we care! Yeah, these miscreants care, about their donations and publicity.

Reality dawns on some members of the Cult of Gun Control

Disney ‘die-in’ protest canceled to avoid ‘trauma’ to kids

TALLAHASSEE — Tourists planning a theme park trip don’t have to worry about trampling over sprawled out activists after all.

A “die-in” protest at a Walt Disney Co. property initially planned for June has been called off, a co-founder of the gun control advocacy group National Die In said Monday.

“People were saying ‘you’re going to traumatize children,’ ” said Nurah Abdulhaqq, a Georgia teen who helped start National Die In group. She added that the group feared a public backlash if it went forward with the protest.

The protest was originally designed to draw attention to Disney’s large donations to a political committee supporting Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam, a Republican candidate for governor, over his support for the NRA and bills to ease gun laws.

Putnam has supported bills to allow concealed carry license holders to carry firearms on college campuses and to carry openly in public. Both bills were backed by the NRA but failed to make it into law. After a newspaper columnist called him an “NRA sellout” in 2017, he leaned into the insult saying he was a “proud NRA sellout,” upsetting many gun control activists.

Likely someone in this movement had the common sense to realize that such tactics do not help the cause. Those engaging in such “demonstrations” look radical, very bad optics. especially around kids.

Also, it should be of note that Putnam did not bow or scrape. Rather he stuck it right back to the Cult of Gun Control, good for him.

Why do I use the term Cult of Gun Control?

Because, the folks wh parrot inane talking points and false stats made up by gun control groups act as if they have never had an original thought in their lives. To them, they see guns as evil, criminals? Not so much. Tom Knighton has a great example of their most recent intellectual failure

The anti-gun group known as Newtown Action decided to try and apply some pressure on Ohio Governor John Kasich. In the process, they made perhaps the dumbest comment regarding armed teachers humanly possible.

What did they tweet? That it would be bad if Ohio voted to arm teachers who wanted to carry in schools. Why? Well they believe teachers carrying in school, would not prevent shootings in malls, movie theaters, concert venues, churches, etc. Wait, what? You mean armed teachers in school, would not be able to prevent, or stop a shooting somewhere they are not? Again Tom Knighton gets reality

Arguing that armed teachers won’t stop mass shootings in other locations may be one of the dumbest arguments yet. However, it also betrays the irrationality of many who argue against gun rights. They don’t think. They don’t see reason. They emote. They scream and make logical leaps that are Olympic Games worthy.

But, at the end of the day, they can’t actually back up any of their claims. The truth is, guns save lives when they’re in the hands of law-abiding citizens, so why not make sure more law-abiding citizens have guns when they might need them?

Again, they are cult like in their thinking emoting


Brazil has draconian gun laws, and super high homicide rates, HMMMMMMM

Of course, the left, being married ideologically to Marxist theology, will never admit the cost of disarming citizens will they? Tom Knighton explores

For example, take Brazil.

André Bevilaqua is no stranger to guns. He hunted as a kid, and carrying was a part of the protocol when he auctioned confiscated property at the regional court, where debtors frequently demurred. But when the Rio de Janeiro attorney set out to buy a .380 caliber pistol last year, he hit a rainforest of red tape that only a Brazilian bureaucrat could love.

A year later — after a thicket of questionnaires, hefty fees, a criminal background check, a psychological evaluation, a written exam and a shooting test, and a house call by three firearms inspectors — the armed forces finally green-lighted his purchase. I heard the contorted tale as I tagged along with Bevilaqua to the gun shop last weekend to pick up his gun.

That’s the drill in Brazil, where law-abiding folk submit to a state-stewarded via crucis in the name of public safety. Meanwhile, it’s de facto open carry for the busy criminals who’ve turned Brazil into a continental kill zone.

Hmmm, funny how Brazil which is extremely strict on gun ownership, has a far higher crime rate than America. How bad is that violent crime rate?

Global terrorism might have claimed more than 3,300 lives globally in the first half of 2015; Brazil trumped that body count in just three weeks. No country registered more murders that year: 60,000

Yes, 60,000! That is a rate of 26.7 per 100,000 ( That rate rose to 29.2 per 100,000 in 2016. The US rate in 2015? 4.9 per 100,000 (it rose to 5.3 in 2016). So, Brazil, with such more gun control, sees 5 times the murders than America. Yet, the left only sees one solution

Those numbers alone would suggest the need for more restrictive gun laws. Scholars reckon that thanks to controls written into the 2003 disarmament statute, Brazil avoided 135,000 homicides through 2007. So it’s hard to buy the current proposals championed by gun lobbyists and a few political yahoos who aim to make Brazil safer by slackening controls.

“More arms in circulation mean more gun crimes,” Daniel Cerqueira, an expert on criminal violence at Brazil’s Institute for Applied Economic Research, told me. In a study of Sao Paulo townships, Cerqueira found that every percentage point increase of guns in circulation resulted in a 2 percent increase in homicides.

So, this expert can predict how many murders can be avoided by further disarming the citizens of Brazil? That is the kind of expertise that would make submarines safer by installing screen doors right?