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Yes,the death penalty is a just punishment for some

Feral Irishman highlights one such lowlife


NASHVILLE (WSMV) – Investigators have arrested a man after his wife found video on his phone of him sexually abusing her 5-year-old son, his stepson.

On May 5, the victim’s mother contacted police saying she found video from March 22 around 7:42 a.m. that showed Calvillo engaged in sex acts with the young boy. The details of the affidavit are too explicit to publish.

May this cretin rot in Hell

Evil, pure evil

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Cadesha Bishop, 25, was arrested and charged with the murder of an older person at the Clark County Detention Center on May 6. Witnesses say Bishop had shoved 74-year-old Serge Fournier out the door of a bus in Las Vegas, causing him to hit his head on the ground. She allegedly offered no help to the injured man, according to the criminal complaint.

Fournier had commented Bishop should be “nicer” to other bus riders during the March 21 incident, according to an arrest report. She had allegedly been yelling profanities at other passengers immediately before Fournier was pushed as he tried to move past her with his walker. The arrest report says “his head landed approximately eight feet from the bus doorway,” according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Fournier told police responding to calls of a battered man about what happened as he bled from the head.

Are Democrats pro-crime?

If the question seems unfair, consider this from Pirates Cove

Democrats are good with assaulting the rights of law abiding American citizens. Illegal aliens must be protected at all times, though

(Daily Caller) The House Judiciary Committee passed legislation known as the Bipartisan Background Check Act Thursday that would mandate background checks on all gun sale transactions and most transfers in the United States.

“This is a bill that will expand criminal background checks to close the gun show loophole and close the Internet sale loophole,” Democrat Caucus Chairman Hakeem Jeffries said of the bill.

With the support of five committee Republicans and after nine hours of debate, the bill passed 21 to 14. Republicans on the Committee attempted to amend the bill.

Democrats, however, voted down one such amendment that would notify ICE authorities when an illegal alien fails a background check to purchase a firearm.

St. Louis Police Officers Break Every Rule of Gun Safety, with predictable results

How foolish, or maybe reckless could they be?

ST. LOUIS — A male St. Louis police officer was charged Friday with involuntary manslaughter in the shooting death of a female officer during what was described as a deadly game with a revolver.

Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner announced the charge against Nathaniel Hendren, 29, in the death of 24-year-old Katlyn Alix, as they alleged played a game in which a revolver’s cylinder was emptied, one bullet put back and the two colleagues taking turns pointing at each other and pulling the trigger.

Alix was with two male officers at an apartment when she was killed just before 1 a.m. Thursday . A probable cause statement from police, provided by Gardner’s office, offered a chilling account of the dangerous game that led to her death.

I really have no words, I simply cannot grasp such stupidity

How should relatives of criminals who get shot while committing crimes react?

First the story via Wheelgun

 No charges filed against 74-year-old woman who fatally shot burglar.

You could also file this under, “A failure of the victim-selection process.” He probably thought she would be easy to rob.

Leavenworth County will not file charges against a 74-year-old woman who shot and killed a man as he broke into her home.

OK, so how should the bad guys family react?

A-riot and loot?

B-Blame racism?

C-Admit he got exactly what he deserved?

And in strange twist, the family of the guy who got shot, isn’t surprised, or even upset.

“She was protecting herself, and I’m not mad at her at all. I would have done the same thing. I think anybody would,” said Elvis Byrd who wasn’t surprised to hear what happened to his big brother, Ralph Byrd Jr. on Saturday night. “I’ve been saying for quite a while now that Ralph was either going to get himself shot stealing from somebody or he was going to OD on heroin.”


Rap concert ends in shooting?

No! A shooting at a rap concert? I am shocked! Shockingly shocked!

A 28-year-old woman was fatally shot and seven men were wounded during an event featuring local rap artists at a Cleveland nightclub, authorities said. Police were called to Club X-Rated, near downtown, around 1 a.m. Saturday, a Cleveland Police Department spokesperson said.

Officers discovered the woman at the back of the bar with a gunshot wound to the head. She died at a local hospital. Police earlier reported her age as 31.

A fight broke out inside the club leading to gunfire, police said. The fight then spilled outside and more shots were fired.

Six of the men, whose ages ranged from 19 to 53, were treated for gunshot wounds at local hospitals. A 25-year-old man was shot in the chest, arm and hand and is hospitalized.

Did I mention I was shocked? Not as shocked as this rapper’s bodyguard of course

Grammy Award-winning rapper T-Pain was detained by Atlanta police after he tried going through a security checkpoint with a gun at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

T-Pain and Flores were taken to the airport police precinct while officers investigated

Police, in a statement, said the rapper confirmed owning the firearm, provided a valid permit to carry and the weapon was returned to him. The statement said no charges were filed against either man.

He might just lose that permit to carry now

Noted child predator Larry Nasser moved to new prison

Apparently he has been getting beat up, if anyone deserves it, it is him. Hell turn him loose in the general population, let his fellow inmates take care of him

Convicted sexual predator Larry Nassar has been transferred from the federal prison in Arizona, where he spent the first several months of a 60-year sentence for child pornography charges.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons’ website lists Nassar as an inmate at Oklahoma City’s Federal Transfer Center. That facility is typically used as a stopover for inmates who are being placed in a new location.

Nassar’s court-appointed attorneys said in a court filing last month that he was assaulted almost immediately after being put into the general population at the Tucson Federal Correctional Complex.