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Oh Goody!! Sens Flake and Cons introduce Climate Change Tax Bill

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Oh look FREE MONEY! What in the world could possibly EVER go wrong?????? William Teach sees the real aim

In essence, he and the others are admitting that this will drastically skyrocket the cost of living for low and middle income Americans. So Government gives money to citizens, which makes them more reliant to Government, and more under the thumb of Government. Funny how that works.

Apparently, getting serious about ‘climate change’ means artificially increasing the cost of living, hosing the middle and lower classes, and increasing the power and scope of the federal government.


Yes, the left wants people ignorant

Pirates Cove uncovers the latest effort to hide the truth about the cost of Leftism

First, members of the Cult of Climastrology are super excited to agitate for carbon taxes/fess on Other People. Next, they’re super excited to make sure that citizens do not find out that those same taxes/fees are costing them


Greenpeace is reportedly challenging the placement of stickers on gas stations that notify drivers of higher fuel prices due to the implementation of a carbon tax.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford, who has embarked on a pro-energy agenda in his province since entering office, will execute a number of measures to fight back against Canada’s nationwide carbon tax. Besides challenging the carbon tax initiative in court, the conservative politician is looking to include item breakdowns on gas receipts and heating bills, informing customers of how much the carbon fee is costing them.

The Ontario government is also looking to include stickers at gas pumps across the province, informing customers of the fee.

However, Ford’s sticker program is already running into opposition.

Greenpeace — an international environmentalist organization — reportedly announced its intention to mount a challenge. The group is arguing the stickers are deceptive because they do not include the price of inaction on climate change.

In short, they do not want an informed public because knowledge is inconvenient for the left. Smart people will reject leftism, so, dumbing people down is better for those pushing leftism

Lurch goes nuclear grade stupid

Oh John Kerry H/T Moonbattery

John Kerry’s moonbat antics are not always as serious as illegally colludingwith America’s most devoted enemy, Iran. Sometimes they are even good for a laugh, as when he suggested suing Donald Trump over lives lost due to severe weather, presumably on the grounds that Trump could stop hurricanes but chooses not to, no doubt out of sheer malice.

What used to be called acts of God are now apparently acts of Trump.

Seriously, Hanoi John is that insane. Monday evening at the Carnegie Center for International Peace he barked,

“I wish I could find legal standing to bring a case against Donald Trump for the lives that will be lost and the property that will be damaged and the billions of dollars because of his decision on climate change. This is life and death.”

Stupid on steroids

And then Climate Change killed off Bloody Marys

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This is simply horrible. Horrible. What are we going to do?

Bloody Marys Kill Hangovers, but Climate Change May Kill the Bloody Mary

Grub Street went deep on the impact of climate change on the surprisingly large number of ingredients that go into a Bloody Mary on Wednesday. It’s an great piece but the news isn’t good for enthusiasts of the drunk’s favorite soup.

The experts Grub Street spoke to agreed that the ingredients that make up Bloody Marys may be threatened by our changing climate, as tomatoes, vodka, Worcestershire sauce, and more could be impacted by climate change, which would in turn impact a bartender’s ability to make a half-decent Bloody Mary if your goddamn hangover won’t subside and can someone tell me why the sun is so fucking bright?

Perhaps the news will be enough to get out the brunch crowd vote — one bar manager that Inverse spoke with says Bloody Marys and other drinks with produce could increase in price by about 15 percent in her location due to a rise in produce and vodka costs for the establishment.

(blah blah blah)

Clearly, if we want to continue enjoying Bloody Marys, the beloved boozy brunch beverage, we’ve got to get serious about climate change before it’s too late to save the booze.

The panic mongering is deep here.

By the way, bloody marys do NOT cure hangovers. A hangover is, basically, a very mild case of alcohol poisoning. To add more booze to that is not going to cure your hangover. The tomato juice might help, as will drinking water. The more water you drink, the more you pee, the quicker the booze is gone from your body. Yes, pain-killers help, and so do drinks like Gator Ade Why should you believe me? Years of bartending and yes, science

If you think drinking more alcohol will fix all your problems, think again. “The body is going through withdrawal symptoms from overindulging, and drinking more just prevents more withdrawal symptoms,” says Engs. That unlimited mimosa brunch isn’t a fix, instead you’re giving your body more toxins to deal with, delaying a future (and probably worse) hangover.

I would also add here that if you are a man NEVER drink a mimosa, at any time. This reminds me I need to do a podcast or do’s and don’ts at a bar soon

So, Summers are hot? We are DOOMED!

Pirates Cove has the latest panic mongering

Why Is It So Hot? Climate Expert Says ‘This Is The New Normal’

“We’re seeing this hot weather in different regions for different reasons,” Dr Michael Byrne, a climate scientist at Imperial College London, told Newsweek.

The unusually hot weather over northern Europe can be attributed to a large high pressure system sitting over the area which is providing hot, clear and calm conditions. (snip)

But there is also a deeper explanation. “The hot weather that’s being experienced around the world, we are very confident as a climate science community that this is strongly linked to climate change,” said Dr Byrne. (snip)

“We are rapidly approaching the time,” Dr. Byrne said, “when these heat waves are going to become the new normal. The question is how we mitigate and adapt to those changes.”

What is left but to freak out, right?


Polar Bear so distraught by Climate Change it attacks cruise ship guide

Or, maybe the polar bear was just being a polar bear?

A cruise line employee was injured in a polar bear attack Saturday on an Arctic archipelago between mainland Norway and the North Pole, according to local authorities.

The man was working as a polar bear guide aboard the MS Bremen. The ship had landed on the northernmost island of the Svalbard archipelago, an area known for its remote terrain, glaciers, reindeer and polar bears.

“The man was attacked by a polar bear and injured on his head,” Hapag Lloyd Cruises, who operates the ship, said in a statement to The Associated Press. “He was flown out, was responsive, and is currently undergoing medical treatment.”

Activists and Hypocrisy

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(UK Daily Mail) Activists are calling for cigarette packet-style labels on disposable coffee cups to remind people they are harming the environment when they buy them.

Anna Warren, a communications officer for North Sydney Council, has started a petition to make coffee cups ‘uncool.’

She wants drinkers to keep a plastic cup on them at all times and re-use it to save the environment.

This is what I mean about being a bit unhinged

The paper cups are not recyclable due to their waterproof plastic lining and are the second biggest filler of landfill space after plastic bags with 2.6billion thrown away every year.

Ms Warren is encouraging the big coffee brands to introduce labels reminding drinkers that the cups go to landfill, similar to the ‘smoking kills’ reminders on cigarettes.

Using non-recyclable cups to shame people into recycling?