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Newsflash- Yes, fanatics do come in all ages

I have written fairly often about the left allowing their masks to slip every so often, exposing their true selves. And, to be honest, those masks are slipping more often since the election of the Obamassiah in 2008. After President Trump defeated the entitled one, Hillary Clinton, however, those masks have been increasingly ripped off, exposing the hideous nature of leftists. Their maniacal hatred of America, and western culture has been exposed. And perhaps the most sobering aspect of that is it is increasingly the youth that is the most unhinged. 

Fritz takes us into the mind of one such young Greta Thunberg, and, to be honest it is chilling 

A few excerpts of Miss Thunberg’s op-ed:

After all, the climate crisis is not just about the environment. It is a crisis of human rights, of justice, and of political will. Colonial, racist, and patriarchal systems of oppression have created and fueled it. We need to dismantle them all. Our political leaders can no longer shirk their responsibilities. . . .
As the science makes clear, we don’t have a single day to lose. . . .
Each and every one of us must participate in the climate resistance movement. We cannot just say we care; we must show it.

Notice the words “need” and “must” here? Notice also the word “crisis.” This is a rhetorical tactic beloved by totalitarians. The problem with which they are obsessed is always a crisis, which demands immediate action — “we don’t have a single day to lose” — and anyone who doesn’t share their sense of dire urgency is dismissed as morally inferior: “We cannot just say we care; we must show it.” In other words, you must either show that you care about this issue as much as young Greta does, by doing whatever it is she demands that you do, or else you are to be classified among the untermenschen, subhuman, without any merit or value. You either join her in the work of dismantling “systems of oppression” or you are Lebensunwertes Leben — “life unworthy of life,” as the Nazis described those whom they targeted for eradication.

Fritz notes two important points about young Greta Thunberg, and those using her to push their evil ideological aims

I’d rather focus on the fact that these rants reveal the “watermelon environmentalism” (green on the outside, red on the inside) driving the movement. The  rants reveal that which most of us know. The climate juggernaut is not about saving the planet from warming (they might think of that as a side benefit, if they really believe in it at all), but rather to encourage the establishment of a socialist state, with complete control over the economy.

BINGO! BULLSEYE! Fritz summed it upand also notes that the world’s worst polluters are Communist. They are, yet, it is the West, especially America, that is targeted by the left, and blamed for global cooling, global warming, climate change, climate disruption or whatever they are calling it this week


Guess who the Climate Cultists want to pay to heal the earth

AS Pirates Cove notes, it is not China or India, or other big polluters. Oh no, it is the West, of course

In the 1st World, ‘climate change’ is all about installing Modern Socialism, about taxation, fees, and governmental control of everything, about limiting freedom and choice. In the 3rd World, it’s all about getting money out of the 1st World , nations, money that has zero strings attached, because the 1st World nations “owe” it to the 3rd World ones

US, EU ‘owe half the cost’ of repairing climate damage

The United States and Europe bear more than half the cost of repairing the damage already wrought by climate change, a coalition of environmental groups said Monday.

Based on their historic greenhouse gas emissions, the US and EU should be held jointly responsible for 54 percent of funding owed to developing nations already dealing with extreme flooding, droughts and megastorms rendered more frequent and intense by global warming, the groups said.

A week ahead of a UN climate summit in Madrid — in which the controversial issue of how funding for the so-called “loss and damage” inflicted by climate change will be provided — they said the amount needed would hit $300 billion annually within a decade

The truth is this. Climate change is about a massive redistribution of wealth, nothing more. And, no, those 3rd world nations will not benefit and pollution will  not improve. But, a lot of Leftists will get richer. Climate change is a scam.


So, maybe Climate Activism has a good side?

If being “WOKE AS F*%#” on the environment stops Coldplay from polluting our ears………….

Coldplay is releasing a new album on Friday, but fans will have to wait to hear the band perform it live.

Chris Martin, the band’s frontman, announced they would be putting plans to tour on hold for at least a year or two in the name of environmental sustainability.

“We’re taking time over the next year or two to, to work out how our tour can not only be sustainable, but how it can be actively beneficial,” Martin told BBC. “How can we harness the resources that our tour creates and make it have a positive impact?”

The British rockband wants to have a show that relies mostly on solar powered energy and without using single-use plastic.

Martin also noted that he’s not criticizing others who aren’t following suit, he just wants to be an example for how it can be done.

“Everyone will catch up, I think, if you prove that it’s easy to do it the right way,” Martin said.

See, there is at least some good in everything

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo hates science!


Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo blamed climate change for damaging floods in upstate New York, and claimed that natural disasters didn’t happen before climate change.

“Ali, anyone who questions extreme weather and climate change is just delusional at this point,” Cuomo told MSNBC anchor Ali Velshi. ” We have seen in the State of New York and we have seen — it is something we never had before.”

Why does he hate science? And history? And reality?

What would the Cult of Climate Change utopia look like?

The treat William Teach takes us on a journey, a journey into the future. But not just any future, oh no, this future is a super-duper, green sustainable future. Be afraid

You won’t feel a thing. It won’t affect you at all. Everything will be awesome and perfect!

This is what 2030 could look like if we win the war on climate change

By 2030, your CO2 emissions will be greatly reduced. Meat on your dinner table will be a rare sight. Water and the air you breathe will be cleaner and nature will be in recovery. The money in your wallet will be spent on being with family and friends, not on buying goods. Saving the climate involves huge change, but it could make us much happier at the same time.

See? No change

Right now, we are losing the fight against climate change – but what would winning look like? What is life like in a green world?

Here’s one version of a “CO-topia”:

You walk out of your front door in the morning into a green and liveable city, where concrete has dwindled and green facades and parks are spreading. If you choose to call a car, an algorithm will calculate the smartest route for the vehicle and pick up a few other people on the way.

Since the city council’s ban on private cars in the city, lots of new mobility services have arrived. It is cheaper for you not to own your own car, which, in turn, reduces congestion so you arrive at your destination more easily and quickly and don’t have to spend time looking for somewhere to park. You can also choose to travel by bike, scooter or public transit.

(many more things which are supposed to be awesome, skip to the end)

If we consider what the future could be, picking up the mantle against climate change may not seem so bad after all.

In other words, your liberty, is sacrificed. This is what leftism always leads to. Oh, and you damn greedy asthma sufferers might need to, you know, not get so worked up about breathing