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Your painfully accurate quote of the day…………..

because there is no political benefit for Democrats when white guys get shot by cops.

That quote from The Other McCain, is, sadly, true. Politicians, race pimps, and scam organizations love to tell us how much they care, and how they are fighting for some type of “justice” and how they want “reform” because they care so very much. In truth, well, hat they seek is not justice, but personal gain. The Other McCain exposes their lies and reveals the true motives, power, money, and did I mention power, and money………

The thing is, Legried is not just some random white boy. He has a degree in philosophy from Northwestern University, and was once a debate coach at the prestigious Brentwood School in L.A. Yet just seven years after graduating college, he’s a “danger to this community,” off his meds, ramming police cars and getting shot by cops.

Do you think any of his fellow alumni of Northwestern ($79,197 a year, including room and board) are protesting about “excessive force” or Legried’s “rights” being violated by the cops? No, they don’t care. They’re more like, “Yeah, that crazy loser had it coming.” Nobody’s looting Walmart or toppling statues, because there is no political benefit for Democrats when white guys get shot by cops.

The Black Lives Matter movement is, and always was, a political scam.

Go read the whole thing to get the whole story behind the shooting, which was more than justified, as almost all police shootings are. The fact is simple, the vast majority of police/civilian interactions, of which there are hundreds of thousands every year end peacefully. And those times when they do not are almost always not the fault of police. Those are truths. But, those truths do not benefit the Sharptons, Crumps, BLMs, and leftist politicians and “activists”. And these folks will never allow objective truth to get in the way of their pursuit of power.

And, the lunacy of “bail reform” continues to kill Americans

Consider, as you read this, that the left considers bail reform to be a good and just thing. No matter how many innocent people it kills

This is a tragedy that could have been prevented. #61: Felon shot and killed the mother of his children while he was on bail for possessing a stolen firearm, prosecutors say – CWB Chicago.

A Chicago man shot and killed the mother of his children while on bond for being a felon in possession of a weapon in April and then fled to Texas, prosecutors said Tuesday. The murder of Jessica Johnson, 30, came just a few months after Edward Roscoe, 29, allegedly dropped their 4-month-old daughter, killing her.

Roscoe is the 61st person accused of killing, trying to kill, or shooting someone in Chicago this year while awaiting trial for a felony. A total of 93 victims are involved in those crimes — 25 of them were murdered.

Remember kids, no price is too high for others to pay for Leftism to “succeed”!

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Lying Leftists defending Lying Leftists for being Lying Leftists? Stinky beer talk. SHOCKING NEWS ALERT! Megan Rapinoe is not happy? And more


Chicago thugs getting early start on holiday murders

And BLM, or any other leftist group could not care less because this does not fit their narrative

CHICAGO – Four people were killed and 28 others were wounded in shootings Thursday in Chicago,including a man who was killed in a drive-by in West Garfield Park.

The 25-year-old was standing on the porch about 4:15 p.m. in the 4000 block of West Van Buren Street when a car drove by and someone from inside fired shots, Chicago police said. He was shot in the head and was pronounced dead at the scene. He hasn’t been identified.

A man was killed in a shooting in South Shore. He was found unresponsive with a gunshot wound to his forehead about 8:25 a.m. outside an apartment building in the 6800 block of South Ridgeland Avenue, police said. The 30-year-old was pronounced dead at the scene. He was identified as Donzell Bailey by the Cook County medical examiner’s office.

Go read it all, it goes on and on………And, again no Leftist will give even the first damn, and if they do speak out, they will stammer on about “action” and “common sense gun laws” and blame law abiding gun owners who obey laws and cause none of this. And the BLM types? They will screech about “Systemic Racism”, and smear police of course. They will rant about “fair bail” and should an officer shoot any of these violent criminals they will be stoking up anger over police killing an “unarmed Black man” and the media will play along. And, when the police officer is shown to have acted appropriately? They will ignore that, and move on to the next manufactured, phony outrage. So, expect squat from the BLM bigshots. They are way too busy looking for deals on real estate to care!

The Black Lives Matter Scam?

Katie Pavlich dug up where ALL that BLM cash went and………….

Last year Black Lives Matter Inc. raked in tens of millions-of-dollars as cities around the country were burned in riots, totaling more than $1 billion in damage. 

But according to a new report from the Associated Press, the $90 million donated to the political group in 2020 isn’t reaching local activists. BLM has been around since 2014 and has been backed by big name celebrities and the Democrat Party.

A group of 10 chapters, called the #BLM10, rejected the foundation’s funding offer last year and complained publicly about the lack of donor transparency. Foundation leaders say only a few of the 10 chapters are recognized as network affiliates.

In a letter released Nov. 30, the #BLM10 claimed most chapters have received little to no financial resources from the BLM movement since its launch in 2013. That has had adverse consequences for the scope of their organizing work, local chapter leaders told the AP.

The chapters are simply asking for an equal say in “this thing that our names are attached to, that they are doing in our names,” said April Goggans, organizer of Black Lives Matter DC, which is part of the #BLM10 along with groups in Indianapolis, Oklahoma City, San Diego, Hudson Valley, New York, and elsewhere.

“We are BLM. We built this, each one of us,” she said.

Records show some chapters have received multiple rounds of funding in amounts ranging between $800 and $69,000, going back as far as 2016. The #BLM10 said the amounts given have been far from equitable when compared to how much BLM has raised over the years.

MAN race pimping pays HUGE for some. Can you say scam boys and girls, yeah, thought you could….

Cubans in Louisville ain’t got time for BLM thuggery!

Can I get a BRAVO! Pirates Cove has the story

They’re referring to the actions of BLM as “mafia like”. That would make them illegal. This was plainly extortion

Cuban business owner in Louisville decries BLM protesters’ demands as ‘mafia tactics’

Fernando Martinez, a business owner in downtown Louisville, took part in a protest Sunday with fellow members of the Cuban community and expressed solidarity with Black Lives Matter protesters after he called their recent demands in the city “mafia tactics.”

The Louisville Courier-Journal reported that business owners in the area received letters from protesters that included a list of demands to improve diversity in the community and in the workplace. The paper cited a press release that said the letter was delivered by protesters who told Martinez to put it on his front door so “your business is not f***ed with.”

The paper reported that Martinez, who is a partner of the Ole Restaurant Group and came to the U.S. on a raft at 18, was not the only business owner who received the letter and he took to Facebook to write, “There comes a time in life that you have to make a stand and you have to really prove your convictions and what you believe in. All good people need to denounce this. How can you justified (sic) injustice with more injustice?”

The paper reported that some of the demands laid out in the letter included a minimum of 23 percent of the staff being Black and buying at least 23 percent of their goods from Black-owned retailers, to name a few.

BLM, are Maxists, and Cubans KNOW about Marxism, and they are not having it!

Your Daley Gator CCW News Update For Monday 05/09/16

Canadian Wildfire That Scorched 495,000 Acres And Left More Than 88,000 Homeless Is Expected To Burn For Months – Daily Mail

These astonishing photographs taken from space reveal the true scale of the wildfires obliterating Alberta.

The remarkable pictures taken by British astronaut Tim Peake from the International Space Station show thick smoke pouring over Canada.

The massive blaze is set to cover more than 200,000 hectares (495,000 acres) by the end of Sunday because of high temperatures, dry conditions and high winds.

Wildfires could rage on for months, officials warned, with fears they could double in size and reach a major oil sands mine…

The ‘Never Trump’ Pouters – David Horowitz

The conservatives who have declared war on the primary victor are displaying a myopia that could be deadly in November when Donald Trump will lead Republicans against a party that has divided the country, destroyed its borders, empowered its enemies, and put 93 million Americans into dependency on the state.

This reckless disregard for consequences is matched only by a blindness to what has made Trump the presumptive nominee. When he entered the Republican primaries a year ago, Trump was given no chance of surviving even the first contest, let alone becoming the Republican nominee. That was the view of all the experts, and especially those experts with the best records of prediction.

Trump – who had never held political office and had no experience in any political job – faced a field of sixteen tested political leaders, including nine governors and five senators from major states. Most of his political opponents were conservatives. During the primaries, several hundred million dollars were spent in negative campaign ads – nastier and more personal than in any Republican primary in memory…

Austrian Teacher Investigated After Telling Class Mohammad Was A Child Molester – Gateway Pundit

An Austrian middle school teacher is being investigated by prosecutors after telling her class the prophet Mohammad was a child molester.

Mohammad’s third wife Aisha was nine years-old when the marriage was consummated.

Apparently, telling the true story of Islam is forbidden in Austria today. reported, via Vlad Tepes:

“A middle school teacher allegedly referred to Mohammed as child molester in front of her pupils.”…

Obama Embraces ‘Transgender’ Moms In Mother’s Day Decree – WorldNetDaily

In his 2016 Mother’s Day proclamation, President Obama included a new class of mothers in his announcement: transgenders.

“On Mother’s Day, we celebrate those who are first to welcome us into the world,” Obama began. “Performing the most important work there is, mothers – biological, foster, or adoptive – are our first role models and earliest motivators. They balance enormous responsibilities and shape who we become as adults, their lessons guiding us through life.”

The president continued, “Regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or marital status, mothers have always moved our nation forward and remained steadfast in their pursuit of a better and brighter future for their children.”

The inclusion of “gender identity” in the White House proclamation is a new development this year.

In 2015, Obama didn’t include it but gave a shout-out to mothers who are “married or single, LGBT or straight, biological, adoptive, or foster.”…

Benghazi Committee Chairman Gowdy Sends Scathing Letter In Response To Pentagon Critique – The Blaze

The chairman of the House Benghazi panel fired back Friday at the Defense Department for criticizing the Republican-led investigation into the deadly 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya.

Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., outlined his objections in a letter to Defense Secretary Ash Carter, telling the Pentagon chief that his top assistant for legislative affairs had in recent correspondence intentionally mischaracterized the inquiry.

“It is also riddled with factual inaccuracies, which not only does a disservice to the public but also does a disservice to the women and men who work for the Department of Defense,” Gowdy wrote…

Despicable BLM Member Threatens To Murder Donald Trump, Wife Melania And Daughter Ivanka – Right Wing News

Another demented Black Lives Matter supporter threatened to kill Donald Trump and his wife and daughter on Youtube.

Ah yes, the tolerant #Blacklivesmatter folk. What a clown.

Covering your face while uploading your threat to Youtube, is not going to protect you, dumb-dumb. IP Address.

So while you wait for law enforcement, you really should not be swinging the barrels of the guns back and forth between the camera and your head, with your fingers on the triggers… you know what? Keep doing that, yeah…




*VIDEO* Accused Serial Rapist/Former President Bill Clinton Clashes With ‘Black Lives Matter’ Racists



Professor Cries Racism After Getting Busted For Traffic Offenses – Video Shows Nicest Cops In The World

Dashcam Shows Princeton Professor Who Cried Racism Experienced Staggeringly Cordial Arrest – Daily Caller

The dashcam arrest video showing police arrest a Princeton University professor this weekend paints a markedly different picture than the racist ordeal described by the professor, Imani Perry, in a 1,201-word Facebook rant.

Perry, a professor in Princeton’s African American studies department, also tweeted angrily about her arrest, but she appears to have since deleted her entire Twitter account.

A pair of Princeton, N.J. police officers busted Perry on Saturday morning for going 67 miles per hour in a zone where the posted speed limit is 45 miles per hour.

The officers then proceeded to arrest Perry because of a warrant for an outstanding parking ticket from three years ago. She still owed $130 for that infraction.

Police did not allow Perry to make any telephone calls before she was officially placed under arrest, she complained. The professor said she was rudely subjected to a brief frisking by a male police officer as well.

“This was my first time in handcuffs,” Perry wrote on Facebook. “They were very cold on my arthritic wrists. I have been thinking about how vulnerable they make you feel.”

Perry also righteously threw down the race card.

“Now, make no mistake, I do not believe I did anything wrong,” she wrote. “But even if I did, my position holds. The police treated me inappropriately and disproportionately. The fact of my blackness is not incidental to this matter.”

However, video of Perry’s arrest shows two of the nicest-appearing police officers you’d ever hope to meet straining to be diplomatic and generally participating in what may be the most cordial police interaction ever.

“Are you okay?” the male cop asks Perry at one point during the video, when she is in the police car.

“No,” a female voice – apparently Perry’s – responds.

“Are you hyperventilating?” the cop then asks.

The male officer then explains that everything will be easy and expedient “as long as you’ve got the money.”

In addition to the Princeton traffic troubles which led to her brief arrest, Perry also has an active Abington Township, Pa. traffic case in which she drove an unregistered automobile, according to Planet Princeton.

The Princeton professor also has an outstanding summons for failing to pay a parking ticket in Lower Merion, N.J.

In a second clip, which shows an earlier stage of Perry’s traffic stop, she tells a skeptical officer that she never received any sort of notice that she had a parking violation or a suspended license.

And here is Perry speeding down a narrow, tree-lined road, getting caught on radar and then getting initially busted.

In her Facebook rant, Perry cites institutionalized racism “from elementary school suspensions, to car purchases, to teachers recommending students for gifted and talented programs, to how often waiters visit your table in restaurants, to mortgages, to police stops and arrests.”

Perry, the parking ticket recipient who says she was ultimately able to pay her fine “without hesitation” to secure her release, also compares her fate to “poor Black, Indigenous, and Latino communities” which “experience disproportionate police surveillance, harassment, violence, and punishment.”

“I can say that what I experienced was far more likely because my skin is a deep brown, my nose is round, and my hair is coily,” Perry also claims.

The trio of YouTube clips were posted Thursday afternoon by Krystal Knapp, a reporter for Planet Princeton.



The Leftist bullies and thugs at Black Lives Matter shut down kids caroling

I know I am supposed to parrot the lie that Black Lives Matter is a positive group, interested in “justice” and “peace”. But, I just cannot ignore the facts that BLM is a directed by Leftist thugs who are intent on destroying America as we know it. Moonbattery gets it too

A traditional choir concert at the Mall of America has been canceled to honor our new national religion by pandering to perpetually perturbed persons of politically preferred pigmentation:

A planned Black Lives Matter protest at the Mall of America means students in the eighth-grade choir at Minnetonka Middle School can forget about performing their Christmas program.

Last year thousands of BLM thugs converged on the mall, forcing numerous stores to shut down right at Christmas, the period retailers often rely on to turn a profit for the year. There hasn’t been much in the way of consequences for the miscreants:

A judge just last month dismissed trespassing charges against 11 of the protest organizers, but other charges are not yet resolved, according to the Associated Press.

Now, the local Black Lives Matter crowd is apparently looking to rack up more arrests with another protest at the Mall of America scheduled for Wednesday, at the same rotunda Minnetonka middle schoolers were set to sing Christmas carols to shoppers.

“Minnetonka Middle School West’s eighth grade choir concert was scheduled to take place Dec. 23 at the mall’s east rotunda. The protest is scheduled to begin at 1 p.m. at the same rotunda, according to a Facebook event created by Black Lives Matter Minneapolis,” KSTP reports.

“The school district said the school’s principal and other school administrators made the decision to cancel the concert, adding that kids singing holiday songs while protesters have a serious message to convey would not be a good idea.”

A serious message indeed. Ranting and chanting about largely imagined injustices, and false victimhood. The message is give us what we want or else. I have to say that the message the school district sent here is deeply troubling. But I also wonder if the safety of the kids was a consideration as well.