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DaleyGator DaleyThought #96

Lying Leftists defending Lying Leftists for being Lying Leftists? Stinky beer talk. SHOCKING NEWS ALERT! Megan Rapinoe is not happy? And more


Some Beer Reviews?

Why the Hell not? Let us start with Founders Brewing. Their Dankwood rocks. It is a strong brew 12.2 %



The bourbon comes through very nicely. Very good beer

Next, from Abita Brewing, AndyGator a Helles Doppelbock EXCELLENT, very 8.0m ABV very smooth. 


Finally, we come to another Imperial Red Ale from Ballast Point Brewery. Tongue Buckler. Wow, GREAT BEER! 10.0 ABV so it is strong and so smooth!


Seriously, if you are drinking swill like Bud Light, Miller Lite, or Ultra, look into some actual beer. Drink like a man, not like Obama

Oh, you want to know what I am drinking?

Generally, if I drink, which is fairly rare. I drink some really good craft beer, sometimes bourbon, or Irish whiskey. After work today, I stopped by a local liquor store. I had a taste for something different, something in a spiced rum. So, I grabbed a bottle of Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum


And I bought something I knew would accent it, some Cruzan Banana Rum


Some ice, 2 ounces of the spice drum, and 1 ounce of the banana rum. Nice sipping. For a sweet cocktail add some pineapple or OJ. BTW, Cruzan has a tremendous selection of rums


Oh no! Feminist contracts severe case of Offendeditis over beer

Good Freaking Grief!

An award-winning craft beer created and named by a woman is actually “rape culture,” a Fulbright scholar has claimed.

Barb Miller, co-founder of the Anchorage-based Midnight Sun Brewing Co., said she chose the “Panty Peeler” name for her brew to be playful and eye-catching. She describes her brewery as “consensual sex-positive.” And she says her marketing team carefully chose the logo—a naked woman riding a caribou like Lady Godiva—as an empowering image.

“Just because someone’s nude doesn’t mean they want to be raped,” Miller said. “This woman is free-spirited, in control of her body and her situation, and her thing is going out and being adventurous and having fun—and that’s what it should be. Life should be about that.”

But three weeks ago, Nicole Stellon O’Donnell, a writer and current Fulbright recipient, saw the beer’s label and name and took offense. She noted that a recent Thrillist article had also named the Panty Peeler on its list of the 13 most sexist names and labels in craft beers. And she even tweeted at the Can Can awards, a prestigious competition for canned beers, which had recently awarded top honors to the Panty Peeler.

This is all we need, more whiny, perpetually offended Feminists trying to force their twisted view of reality upon normal people. Yes, that is right Nicole Stellon O’Donnell, I called you abnormal because you have no sense of humor, or ability to view life without injecting your obsession with pretending to be a victim into every situation. And it would seem that the woman who owns this brewery, is not willing to submit to bullies like you!

But Miller says she’s not changing the Panty Peeler’s name or logo—in part, because her female consumers love it. On social media, she says, women who enjoy the beer have begun posting it on their own adventures.

Thank you Ms. Miller. And to you Nicole Stellon O’Donnell this salute


Texas Democrats Accused Of Buying Votes With Cocaine, Marijuana, Cigarettes, And Beer

Court Docs: Texas Democrats Accused Of Using Cocaine To Buy Votes – Breitbart


A developing federal investigation has brought up allegations that a Hidalgo County Commissioner paid for votes with bags of cocaine while other politicians paid for votes also with cash, cigarettes, marijuana and beer.

Court records obtained by Breitbart Texas from the arrest of two women accused of buying votes show that during the democratic primaries in 2012, a campaign manager for a Hidalgo County Commissioner who said that during the campaign, he bought $50 worth of cocaine, commonly known as an 8-ball and split it up in order to give it to the two women so they could use it to entice voters.

Earlier this week Belinda Solis and Veronica Salazar went before U.S. Magistrate Judge Peter Ormsby who formally charged them with vote buying and set their bond at $10,000.

The two women were part of a large year and a half long FBI investigation into election corruption in Hidalgo County.

The investigation began in January 2013 when agents met with a campaign manager for a Hidalgo County Commissioner, who told the agents that he bought cocaine so his campaign workers could give it to the voters in exchange for their votes. The court records do not identify the commissioner by name; however they state that he ran during the 2012 primaries. The women were paid campaign workers, also known as politiqueras, who targeted low income areas and elderly individuals enticing them to vote for a particular candidate.

Over the course of the investigation, agents met with the two women who told the agents that they had received the cocaine from the campaign manager who is only identified on court records as campaign worker 1 and then gave it to the voters. The women also told the agents that they gave cocaine to voters during the school board election in Donna ISD in addition to cash, beer, cigarettes, and marijuana.

Political corruption primarily by democrats in South Texas has been exposed by federal agencies, shedding light into other cases of vote buying, contract rigging by school boards, bribery money laundering, and other criminal cases.

Eight months ago, Donna ISD School board president Alfredo Lugo hanged himself after federal agents arrested another group of politiqueras for buying votes using cash, beer and cigarettes and the school board was mentioned.

One of the public figures to be exposed in recent years is former Hidalgo County Sheriff, Lupe Trevino, who is preparing to serve a 5-year-prison term for taking money from a Mexican drug lord and depositing the cash into his campaign funds.

In recent weeks, the former Mayor of Progreso, his father and his brother who ran the school board ended up getting sentenced for running a scheme where they controlled all of the contracts that the city and the school board gave out and demanding cash payments from anyone looking to do business with them.

Politiquera Donna




Politi Quera






Philadelphia Brewery To Release ‘Walking Dead’-Inspired Beer Made With Real Brains

Brewery Creates ‘Walking Dead’-Inspired Beer Made With Real Brains – New York Daily News


Would you like some brains in your beer?

Philadelphia’s Dock Street Brewing Company will release a zombie-friendly brew in honor of AMC’s “The Walking Dead.”

The American Pale Stout, which has been dubbed Dock Street Walker, is made with malted wheat, oats, flaked barley, cranberry and an extra-special ingredient – smoked goat brains.

“The pre-sparge-brain-addition provides this beer with intriguing, subtle smoke notes,” the brewery says in a press release. “In true walker fashion, don’t be surprised if its head doesn’t hang around forever.

The beverage, which Dock Street Brewing Company is calling “quite possibly the smartest beer you’ll ever drink,” will be released on Sunday before “The Walking Dead” season finale.

This isn’t the first time a brewery has crafted a beer in honor of an AMC drama.

Marble Brewery in Albuquerque, N.M., made two “Breaking Bad” brews in honor of the series’ finale in August. However, those didn’t contain any unusual show-related ingredients.

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Woman Beats Man With Ceramic Squirrel Because He Returned Home Without Beer On Christmas Day

Helen Williams Charged With Beating Man With Ceramic Squirrel Because He Returned Home Without Beer Christmas Day – Weekly Vice

Helen Williams, a 44-year-old South Carolina woman, was jailed on Christmas after she allegedly beat and stabbed a man with a ceramic squirrel after he returned home without beer.


According to police, officers found a man covered with blood after they had been dispatched to Williams’ home Wednesday morning.

Williams told officers that the man fell and cut himself, however she couldn’t explain why her hands and clothes were also covered in blood.

After the man was stabilized, he told police that Williams became furious when he returned home without beer. He noted in the report that he was unable to find a store that would sell beer on Christmas morning.

In retaliation, Williams grabbed a ceramic squirrel and beat him in the head with it. She then allegedly stabbed the victim in the shoulder and chest.

She was booked into jail and charged with criminal domestic violence.

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Dumbass Tries To Trade Live Gator For 12-Pack Of Beer (Video)

Florida Man Tries To Trade Gator For Beer – Washington Free Beacon

In a story that could only take place in wacky, weird Florida, a man attempted to trade a live, four-foot alligator for a 12-pack of beer at a Miami convenience store WSVN reports.


Fernando Caignet Aguilera found the alligator at a nearby park, captured it, and took it to the store in hopes of bartering it for a 12-pack of beer. He brought the gator to the front of the store and tried to trade it. The clerk, naturally petrified, called authorities.

The gator’s story has a happy ending, though: he was found to be in good shape and will be released back into the wild.

Unfortunately for him, the gator thief has since been cited for taking possession of and trying to sell the alligator.

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Dipshit Arrested After Calling 911 To Complain That His Neighbors Wouldn’t Drink With Him

Fort Pierce Man To 911: My Neighbors Won’t Drink With Me – Off The beat

James Collins said his neighbors were mean and wouldn’t drink with him.

So he called 911… twice.


At least, that’s how the situation appeared Nov. 3 in Fort Pierce, according to a recently released police report.

Fort Pierce police were called about 8:35 p.m. in connection with a domestic disturbance.

“The complainant, James Collins, stated that his neighbors were being mean and would not drink with him,” a report states. “(An officer) explained to James about misusing 911.”

It could be argued that Collins, who turned 56 the day of the incident, did not get the message.

That’s because about 30 minutes later, he is accused of calling 911 in regard to his neighbors “not drinking with him.”

The 911 number typically is used to report law enforcement, fire and medical emergencies.

Collins, of the 1900 block of North U.S. 1 in Fort Pierce, smelled of booze and had a container of “Blue Ice” in his front pocket.

Collins was arrested on charges including disorderly intoxication and misuse of 911.

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And Now, In Honor Of Saint Paddy’s Day…

……………….A few heartfelt words in the spirit of the occasion.

………………………..This message was brought to you by:

It’s Armageddon! The Strongest Beer In The World

Now That’s What I Call Special Brew! One £80 Glass Is As Potent As Ten Pints Of Lager. So What’s It Like To Take Your Life In Your Hands And Knock Back The World’s Strongest Beer? – Daily Mail

There’s a lethal weapon in my hand. It might look to you like a bottle of beer. But this one could knock you dead.

Called ‘Armageddon’ – the name is no accident – it is the strongest beer in the world. At 65 per cent alcohol, it’s stronger than whisky or brandy and 16 times more potent than a standard pub lager.

This 330ml bottle contains 22 units of alcohol – the equivalent of ten pints of Carlsberg.

Not for the faint-hearted: Entrepreneur Lewis Shand pours Vincent Graff a glass of the world’s strongest beer, Armageddon, at the Brewmeister site in Aberdeenshire

And, like that other famous novelty, the deep-fried Mars Bar (which has just celebrated 20 years since its creation), it’s a gift to the world from the good people of Scotland.

Though ‘gift’ is probably not the right word: if you buy this in a shop, it’ll cost £80 a bottle (though you can buy it for half that price direct from the brewery).

‘Go on, take a mouthful,’ says brewer Lewis Shand, the young entrepreneur responsible for the brew. ‘I think you’ll be surprised.’

OK, but I’m not looking forward to it. I’m a bit of a sissy when it comes to strong booze. Though I love my beer and wine, I steer clear of neat spirits, finding their fiery nature rather off-putting.

Surely, if Scotch is a mere 40 per cent alcohol, and this beer weighs in at 65 per cent, it’ll rip off the back of my throat?

I swirl the liquid round. Thicker than an average pint of bitter, and darker in tone, the beer is the colour of tea with the consistency of a thinnish gravy.

Is this a good idea? Vincent appears a little apprehensive as he prepares to drink the strong beer

I take a big, brave gulp.

To my surprise, it’s rather smooth. There’s none of the heat or the harshness of neat tequila or vodka; it slips over my tongue and down my throat, lining my mouth with a thick coating.

Yes, it is quite bitter – I prefer a milder-tasting ale – but it’s not off the scale. There’s a definite maltiness and a rather pleasant sweet aftertaste at the centre and back of my tongue.

I’m happy to take a second sip. Just curiosity, you understand. And a third, and a fourth… I could, I’m sure, empty the glass.

Hold on a moment. I think I’d better stop while I’m ahead.

So, I ask Shand, why did he decide to brew a beer so potent? Is it something to do with the fact that the Scots consume 20 per cent more alcohol (22.8 units a week) than the English and Welsh?

Drink up: Vincent takes a sip as young entrepreneur Lewis Shand watches on

The idea was simple, he says. His young company Brewmeister, set in the Aberdeenshire countryside, had successfully created conventional beers – a tasty 4 per cent pale ale, for example – but wanted to try something more adventurous.

Shand is not the first brewer to aim for the world’s strongest beer. In fact, there’s been a battle going on for a couple of years.

While it could be seen as an important piece of scientific exploration, others see it as just a bunch of not-quite-grown-up boys who want to be able to shout out to the world: ‘Mine is bigger than yours!’

Three years ago, another British company, BrewDog, also based in north-east Scotland, created Tactical Nuclear Penguin (don’t ask), which came in at 32 per cent alcohol.

This threw down the gauntlet.

In stepped a German brewer with Schorschbock, a 40 per cent beer. So BrewDog retaliated with Sink The Bismarck, at 41 per cent.

The Germans then came back with a 44 per cent brew, only for BrewDog to trump them with The End Of History, at 55 per cent alcohol (though only 12 bottles were ever produced – and each cost £700 and as a gimmick was sold inside a stuffed squirrel).

First impressions: Vincent found the ale to be quite bitter but he said it had a rather pleasant sweet aftertaste

Then in July 2010 a brewery in Holland looked to have seized the title – with a 60 per cent beer called Start The Future.

Until Shand came along with Armageddon a few weeks ago.

The brewer says: ‘We didn’t want just to break the record but to make something that’s got some character to it, something beautifully sweet and malty.’ Yeah, right.

In an age of binge-drinking, isn’t it irresponsible to bring out a product as potent as this?

Shand says this is not a beer that problem-drinkers will turn to. ‘We’ve designed it for people to consume like a fine brandy, in small amounts, not sitting in a park with a brown paper bag round the bottle. In any case, the price will put off problem-drinkers. These bottles are for sharing.’

So who is his typical customer?

‘People who like something different, who appreciate a fine quality product that’s made in small batches by people who care about what they’re doing.’ (Privately, I think there’s a big market for stag parties.)

The Brewmeister brewery is certainly out of the ordinary. Set in a tatty, 200-year-old farm building on the estate of Kincardine Castle, 25 miles outside Aberdeen, it looks out on to the Cairngorms. They use spring water from the estate to make the beer.

Inside, there are metal vats and sacks of malted barley, hops and yeast – but it’s clear everything is done on a very small scale: the beer is brewed in batches of just 40 bottles at a time. ‘Though we plan to expand,’ says Shand.

It takes some bottle: The world’s strongest beer certainly had a powerful effect on Vincent

The place, frankly, is a bit of a mess: there’s a shotgun by the door – in case any rats decide to feast on the large sacks of grain piled against the wall.

But Shand is no ordinary brewer. The son of an accountant and an oil executive, he’s still only 26, the same age as his business partner, John McKenzie.

The pair launched the business with a £15,000 investment that Shand had amassed at university (‘I started up a paintballing company while I was a student.’)

Though the business is still tiny – Shand has a day job with a bank, and McKenzie works off-shore in the oil industry – Shand says they’ve already had orders from ‘Australia, Sweden, America and a lot from London’.

The next batch of Armageddon, which will be ready in a few days, is sold out.

‘Lethal weapon’: Entrepreneur Lewis Shand holds up a bottle of his 65 per cent strength beer Armageddon for the camera

So what’s the secret of this super-strength beer? The answer is a process called ‘freeze distillation’.

Any traditional beer-maker can, with the right choice of yeast, get to a point where the beer is 10 or 12 per cent alcohol.

After that, the high alcohol levels kill off the yeast that is turning the sugars in the malt into more alcohol, so you can’t get stronger beer using traditional methods.

But Brewmeister’s trick is to cool the beer to zero degrees, when, of course, the water starts to freeze – but the alcohol does not. So if you discard the ice as it forms, making the drink less diluted, what you’re left with is a very alcoholic mixture.

But not a fiery one – because the alcohol is still swimming in the malty-hoppy mixture.

‘What we do is the reverse of conventional distillation. When you make whisky, you heat up the mixture and the alcohol evaporates, taking it away from the grain mixture. Then it is condensed and aged in barrels.

‘But we leave the alcohol inside the grain mixture and take the water out. This means the end product tastes much sweeter and less harsh.’

Adventurous: At 65 per cent alcohol, Armageddon is stronger than whisky or brandy and 16 times more potent than a standard pub lager

It still qualifies as ‘beer’ since it uses the classic ingredients: water, malted barley, hops.

Shand says: ‘We don’t add sugar or rice, rubbish like that, which you sometimes get in lagers.’

This, he insists, is a niche artisan product – albeit an expensive one at £80 a pop.

The reason for the high cost? They brew only very small quantities of beer at any one time, and the freeze distillation process means they throw away about 85 per cent of the brew mixture. Plus, ‘about £12 of the price goes straight to the taxman’.

‘We are,’ Shand says grandly, ‘testing the boundaries of brewing.’

Well, I suppose so.

The truth is that despite its liver-busting alcohol content, it tastes far better than the tramp’s favourite, Carlsberg Special Brew, which is 9 per cent. Although the taste is nowhere near as enjoyable as that of a conventional real ale.

As I leave the brewery, Lewis Shand says: ‘We’re in the process of having the record verified by the people from Guinness.’

With the mention of Guinness, I suddenly feel thirsty – and realise that I’ll be sticking to a more traditional beer.

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Randy Travis Found Drunk And Naked On Side Of Road After Crashing Car, Threatens To Shoot Cops

Randy Travis: Country Singer Arrested Naked, Charged With DWI – Washington Times

Randy Travis is accused of driving while intoxicated and threatening to kill state troopers after the country singer crashed his car and was found naked and combative at the scene.

A mug shot released on Wednesday by the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office shows a battered-looking Travis in a T-shirt, with a black eye and dried blood on his face. He later walked barefoot out of the county jail wearing scrubs and a University of Texas ball cap.


It was the second Texas arrest involving alcohol this year for the Grammy-winning singer, who was cited in February for public intoxication.

The sheriff’s office in Grayson County, located in far North Texas along the border with Oklahoma, received a 911 call at 11:18 p.m. Tuesday about a man seen lying in a road west of Tioga, where the entertainer lives.

Texas troopers responding to the scene said a Pontiac Trans Am registered to the 53-year-old Travis had been driven off the road and struck several barricades in a construction road.

Travis was not wearing clothes at the time of his arrest and made threats against the Texas troopers, said Tom Vinger, a Department of Public Safety spokesman. He said the singer refused sobriety tests, so a blood specimen was taken.

Vinger did not immediately respond to questions on how Travis suffered his facial injuries or whether any troopers were injured during the arrest.

“I know the vehicle suffered significant damage to the front end during the wreck,” Vinger said in an email to AP.

Grayson County Sheriff’s Sgt. Rickey Wheeler said Travis faces charges of retaliation or obstruction in addition to driving under the influence.

“Travis had a strong odor of alcoholic beverage on his breath and several signs of intoxication,” according to a statement from the sheriff’s office. “While Travis was being transported, Travis made threats to shoot and kill the troopers working the case.”

A Travis representative said there was no immediate comment on the arrest.

Travis was arraigned and released on $21,500 bond Wednesday morning from the jail in Sherman, about 60 miles north of Dallas. Blood test results are pending.

District Attorney Joe Brown says his office will review the report of the arrest. The felony retaliation or obstruction charge will be referred to a grand jury within a month or six weeks, while the misdemeanor DWI case could be filed as soon as prosecutors decide whether to proceed, Brown told The Associated Press.

The felony count carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison and/or a fine of up to $10,000.

Travis was also charged with public intoxication in February after being spotted in a vehicle parked in front of a church in Sanger, about 20 miles from Tioga.

It’s been a rocky couple of years for the North Carolina native, best known for hit songs like “Is It Still Over?” and “On the Other Hand.” He divorced Elizabeth Travis in 2010 after 19 years, but retained her services as his manager, a role she held for more than three decades.

Earlier this year, though, Elizabeth Travis filed a lawsuit claiming that Randy Travis made it impossible for her to do her job and terminated her management contract without proper notice. She said her ex-husband sent several men, including an armed guard, to clean out her offices.

Randy Travis countersued in May, accusing his ex-wife of divulging confidential information about him in order to damage his reputation and career.

Initially turned down by Music Row, Travis found success in the mid-1980s and became a pivotal and important figure in country music. Initially considered too country, his deep-voice traditional style inspired millions to buy his albums and artists like Alan Jackson to follow his lead.

He’s charted 16 No. 1 country singles and remains an influence for many in Nashville.

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Douchenozzle Jailed After Repeatedly Calling 911 And Asking For Ride To Beer Store

Douchenozzle Jailed After Repeatedly Calling 911 And Asking For Ride To Beer Store – Weekly Vice

Allen Troy Brooks, a 67-year-old Columbia man was jailed Saturday after he allegedly called 911 several times, asking for a ride to go buy some beer.


According to the Maury County Sheriff’s Office, Brooks called 911 at least 9 times, hanging up on several of his calls.

During one of the 911 calls, Brooks asked the dispatcher to “take him to the store” so that he could get himself a beer. The dispatcher told Brooks that he called 911, and that she couldn’t take him to the store.

When officers arrived at his residence, Brooks denied making the phone calls, claiming that he didn’t have a phone. Investigators say the officers originally intended to just issue Brooks a citation, but since he was not cooperative, they took him into custody to keep 911 operators from having to deal with him instead of responding to real emergencies.

Brooks was booked into jail and charged with making 911 calls in a non-emergency situation. He was released after posting bond.

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Moron Busted After Driving Through DUI Checkpoint While Drinking A Beer

Moron Busted After Driving Through DUI Checkpoint While Drinking A Beer – Weekly Vice

David Caruso, a 51-year-old Connecticut man was jailed Saturday after he allegedly drove through a police DUI checkpoint while drinking a beer.

According to Vernon Police, officers were conducting a sobriety checkpoint Saturday night when Caruso entered the checkpoint with brewski in hand.


Investigators say officers immediately noticed the open container and stopped the vehicle. It was then discovered that Caruso was operating a motor vehicle on a suspended license and that the vehicle he was driving was not properly registered with the state.

Caruso was booked into the Tolland County Jail and charged with drinking while driving and illegal operation of a motor vehicle while under suspension and operating an unregistered motor vehicle.

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Naked Drunk Guy Attacks Resident Of Apartment Complex, Gets Bashed In The Face, Arrested

Naked Drunk Guy Attacks Resident Of Apartment Complex, Gets Bashed In The Face, Arrested – Weekly Vice

Jack Brown II, a 29-year-old Oklahoma man has been jailed after he allegedly paraded around an apartment complex naked, then attacked another man who asked him to put on some clothes.

According to police, officers were dispatched to an apartment complex after residents reported seeing a man running around the complex naked.


Officers arrived to find a man bleeding heavily from his forehead while another man stood nearby holding a flashlight. Police ordered the second man to drop his flashlight and then placed him into custody.

While officers were handcuffing the man, Benson jumped over a fence and attempted to flee the scene. He was apprehended a short time later and then taken to an area hospital for treatment.

Meanwhile, the man with the flashlight told officers that he and several other residents were alarmed when they saw Benson running around the apartment complex with no clothes on. When the man told Benson to put on some clothes, Benson retaliated by punching him in the face.

That’s when the man struck Benson in the head with a flashlight in self defense. Several witnesses who saw the attack corroborated the man’s story.

When officers questioned Benson at the hospital, they noted a strong odor of alcohol on his breath. Benson was also uncooperative to a point where he had to be restrained.

After treatment, Benson was taken to the Oklahoma County Jail where he was charged with assault and battery and public indecency.

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You know, I thought Alabama was a Southern State

You know, a State that was Conservative, had common sense and would go all PC on us! Apparently not!

CNS News

You can buy Fat Bastard wine in Alabama, but you’ll have to go elsewhere for Dirty Bastard beer.

The state alcoholic beverage control agency said Thursday it has banned the sale of that brand of beer in the state because of the profanity on its label.

Beer and wine are commonly sold in grocery and convenience stores and anyone can see the labels, so staff members rejected the brand because parents may not want young people to see rough language on the shelves, said Bob Martin, an attorney with the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board.

“That’s the whole reason for the rule, to keep dirty pictures and dirty words away from children,” he said. “Personally, I believe the staff made the right call.”

Good Freaking Grief! 

Say, Wanna See Pictures Of Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton Getting Trashed In Colombia?

NOTE: This last photo may be of Hillary getting trashed in a completely different country – The DALEY GATOR has yet to determine exactly when and where it was taken

H/T London Telegraph, Lucianne and Noticias24

Drinking Alcohol May Significantly Enhance Problem Solving Skills

Drinking Alcohol May Significantly Enhance Problem Solving Skills – Medical Daily

Drinking alcohol may enhance a person’s problem solving skills, according to a new study.


Scientists found that men who either drank two pints of beer or two glasses of wine before solving brain teasers not only got more questions right, they also were quicker in delivering correct answers, compared to men who answered the questions sober.

While the latest findings go against the traditional beliefs that alcohol impairs analytical thinking and rational thoughts, lead author Professor Jennifer Wiley of the University of Illinois at Chicago discovered that alcohol may enhance creativity problem solving by reducing the mind’s working memory capacity, which is the ability to concentrate on something in particular.

“Working memory capacity is considered the ability to control one’s attention,” Wiley told the Federation of Associations in Behavioral and Brain Sciences (FABBS). “It’s the ability to remember one thing while you’re thinking about something else.”

While the latest study found that alcohol may enhance creative problem solving, previous research found that increased working memory capacity actually led to better analytical problem-solving performance.

Researcher from the current study published in the journal Consciousness and Cognition also found that people who drank alcohol and had a blood alcohol level of 0.07 or higher were worse at completing problems that required attentional control but better at creative problem solving tests.

However, the surprising discovery was that participants with a BAC of 0.07 or higher solved 40 percent more problems than their sober counterparts and took 12 seconds to complete the tasks compared to 15.5 seconds by teetotal participants.

Wiley said that the key finding was that being too focused can blind a person to novel possibilities and a broader, more flexible state of attention may be helpful for creative solutions to emerge.

“We have this assumption, that being able to focus on one part of a problem or having a lot of expertise is better for problem solving,” Wiley said. “But that’s not necessarily true. Innovation may happen when people are not so focused. Sometimes it’s good to be distracted.”

Wiley noted that the findings only apply to people who had only a few drinks and not when people drink to extremes.

“The bottom line is that we think being too focused can blind you to novel possibilities, and a broader, more flexible state of attention is needed for creative solutions to emerge,”

Other experts said while the findings were interesting and made sense, they stressed that sleep is probably just as beneficial for enhancing creativity. Past research showed that people who were allowed to sleep after being given a problem were also more likely to come up with a creative solution compared to those who stayed awake.

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Your Daley Gator Politically Incorrect Joke O’ The Day


A Mexican, an Arab, and a Minnesota girl are in the same bar.

When the Mexican finishes his beer he throws his glass into the air, pulls out his pistol and shoots it to pieces

He says, “In Mexico, our glasses are so cheap we don’t need to drink with the same one twice.”

The Arab, obviously impressed by this, drinks his non-alcohol beer (cuz he’s a Muslim!), throws his glass into the air, pulls out his AK-47 and shoots it to pieces.

He says, “In the Arab World, we have so much sand to make glasses that we don’t need to drink with the same one twice either.”

The Minnesota girl, cool as a cucumber, picks up her beer, downs it in one gulp, throws the glass into the air, whips out her 45 and shoots the Mexican and the Arab.

Catching her glass, setting it on the bar and calling for a refill she says, “In Minnesota, we have so many illegal aliens that we don’t have to drink with the same ones twice.”


H/T Grumpy Opinions