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Soooo, I should be up and posting Thursday. I have a new laptop that should be ready Thursday. And I should be able to get a new battery for my current one before that. YES I have a helluva time finding the right battery for it.

Best Buy will replace the battery for free. But I have to buy the battery elsewhere and bring it to them YES, REALLY Best Buy does not sell batteries for the damn laptop they sold me.

How did this woman ever get elected to…..anything. anything at all

Soooo, we have a vice-president who is brilliantly brilliant, remarkably remarkable, and outstandingly outstanding, or so the left, and the media, tell us. But, do they actually believe such blatantly false descriptions of Kamala Harris? How could they? How could anyone?

Harris was, possibly the worst presidential candidate since Super Entitled Hilary. Kamala, like Hilary, not only possesses zero charisma, but actually eradicates any charisma anyone within a mile of her has.

Ask her a question and she giggles like a child and acts as if the question is just silly. Lester Holt of NBC News recently noted that Harris, who President Biden gave charge of the border crisis, has yet to actually visit the border. Her response was, besides giggling, that she had not been to Europe either, so…….. Good Freaking Grief how did she ever gain any office, ever?

Yet, she has been DA of California and a US Senator from Cali too. AGAIN, how? I can say honestly that she is as unimpressive a person, in every way as I have ever seen. Yet, the media swoons over her. But, the really great news is she is a proverbial heart beat away from, yeah, you know the rest.

God help us. We have to be honest though, we have many people in all levels of government who are unimpressive. Depth? Common sense? Wisdom? You could look all day and find very little of those in so many “leaders” in government. And we wonder why we are in such a mess?

Your Self-Defense Story of the Day

Via The Zendo One

The guy who was attacked was carrying concealed. Man claiming self-defense released from custody after fatal shooting at St. Augustine bar.

Police were called to a shooting in front of a bar in St. Augustine, Florida.

Police say that witnesses identified the shooter as a man standing across the street wearing a black suit. He was later identified as Casado.

When the officer approached him, he reportedly said “that guy punched me three or four times” and handed the officer a pair of eyeglasses that had the arms bent

Will be interesting to watch as more info becomes known. The man has a right to defend himself

Judge calls BS on Marxifornia’s AR ban

Via The Right Scoop. The Cult of Gun Control, naturally is losing its mind over this. Completely over looking that this law has not stopped any of the states mass shotings

Judge Roger Benitez is no fan of California gun laws and previously ruled the magazine ban unconstitutional, as well as the law requiring background checks for ammunition. The Ninth Circuit Court agreed with Judge Benitez’s ruling on the magazine ban. The California Attorney General’s office appealed his rulings then and has emphatically stated that they will appeal this ruling as well.

Well, of course they will. They hate the thought of armed citizens, self-defense, and the j

Washington Lee University votes to NOT change its name

Well good news does still happen

The board of trustees of Washington and Lee University on Friday voted 22-6 not to remove Confederate general Robert E. Lee’s name from the Virginia school’s moniker. The decision came after months of review and a year of racial justice protests across the nation that questioned the veneration of Confederate figures.

Well, no one has studied Lee would question his worth as a man, soldier, or as head of that university