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In my essay Socialism’s Gateway Drug I embedded a video (HT to Free North Carolina) showing the history and the relentless zealotry of the Frankfurt School in pressuring society to move Leftward.  Here it is for your convenience.

To that end, they’ve worked assiduously to take over the media and academia.  It’s a perfect example of Rule Two:Those who control the information flow control what people believe.

Go read it all. The Left is actively seeking the destruction of everything the West has embraced, and no Western nation has equalled America’s embracing of liberty and natural rights, and capitalism. So, America is the biggest target.

Nuclear Grade KRAZY!

How do some people get to be professors? Seriously?

A professor at the University of Illinois-Chicago is encouraging others to teach “math for social justice” to help fight the “oppressive status quo” in the United States.

The Struggle is Pedagogical: Learning To Teach Critical Mathematics” was penned by Professor Eric Gutstein, who writes in a new textbook that the time is nigh for social justice math considering the “racist and sexist billionaire in the White House.”

Gutstein, who notes that he once taught a “math for social justice” class at the Social Justice High School in Chicago, argues that teaching “critical mathematics” isn’t an option for math teachers, but rather, a “responsibility to our future.”

“We are in an historical period that challenges us to action in ways that we probably cannot fully understand,” Gutstein asserts.

“Teaching in critical ways is not optional in the present juncture. We have a responsibility to our future and our planet, to life and all species,” he adds. “What we do in the classroom matters, for today and tomorrow, and the myriad possibilities for resistance and transformation are inextricably and dialectically related to the intensity of the crises we face.”

Like I said Nuclear Grade KRAZY!