When things that “never happen” happen

The Cult of Gun Control insist that good guys with guns never stop bad guys committing violence. Zendo Deb who REALLY hates me, notes that actually, good guys with guns do such things many times, as in this case

There are not many details available for this shooting. Man’s alleged bizarre rampage ends with him shot, killed by homeowner.

It started with a guy backing a Mustang through the doors of a KFC.

The man took off down the street where authorities said he plowed through several yards before trying to ram his car into a home’s porch, thankfully not causing any damage. Investigators said he hopped out of the car and headed for the front door.

“He was knocking on doors, knocking on windows, just basically causing a general disruption,” said Brooke Arbeitman, the spokesperson for the OSBI. “The homeowner had a weapon and fired shots, and the suspect there was killed inside the home”

Maybe the Cult of Gun Control would not list the guy shot as a “bad guy”, or maybe they just hate guns, and self-defense!

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