The feds were regulating French dressing?


The Association for Dressings and Sauces’s decades-long battle to revoke the standards for French dressing has finally come to an end, with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) agreeing to deregulate a label the group said “restricts innovation.”

The decision from the FDA revokes the so-called “standard of identity” on the books since 1950 that dictates what ingredients manufacturers must include in order to market their product as French dressing.

Exit question… Should Uncle Sam be all up in our salad dressings? If you took more than a half second to yell out Hell No, then shame

5 thoughts on “The feds were regulating French dressing?”

  1. Hell, I saw an article a while back that in England they can’t import sprinkles from the US becuz the food color we use is regulated there — apparently the color is only allowed to be used in “cocktail cherries” but not sprinkles. Some bakery was doing it anyway and someone actually noticed and called the cops on them.

    *searches* Ah yes…. here’s your link —

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