A reminder that nature can kill you

One very dangerous river, the Bolton Strid

The River Wharfe in the Yorkshire region of northern England is the kind of idyllic river that’s perfect for a romantic dip or a pensive walk.

The river winds and weaves past tall trees, stony beaches, and bright green moss-covered boulders for 65 miles. At one point, it passes the charming 12th-century Bolton Priory. But the river also has a notorious history fit for a horror movie, particularly at the portion near the priory called: the Bolton Strid.

Known as the Bolton Strid, the waters here as so treacherous that should someone slip into the river, it’s unlikely they’ll ever reemerge. Indeed, according to local legend, 100 percent of the people who have fallen into the Bolton Strid have died — and many of their bodies have never been recovered.

Nature is so awesome, and the wonders it has are indescribable. But, you must fully respect it, or those wonders may be your end. Enjoy, but be smart folks.

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