Then they came for…………….

Your home! Pirates Cove can see where this leads

How dare you say these people are Fascist! They just want whats best for you, even if you don’t want it

The next front in fighting climate change: your home

The Build Back Better bill, if it ever comes to pass, now seems unlikely to include any major climate change provisions. But we can still reduce our own carbon emissions, starting with our own homes.
About 20% of greenhouse gases in the US come from homes. And the homes of the wealthiest Americans, who can most easily afford climate-saving modernizations, emit about 25% more greenhouse gases per capita than those of lower-income residents. These are problems we can solve, as homeowners, with new technology, and through government incentives.
When we think about our home’s carbon footprint, most of us think of solar panels, but switching to electricity from fossil fuels for heating our home’s air and water may be even more important. More than half of the energy homes use is for heating and air conditioning, and nearly two-thirds of US homes rely on fossil fuels for heat.

They want to force you to no longer be able to use natural gas. Many places are stopping the construction of new homes using natural gas. Obviously, the next step is to force those with existing NG hookups to switch them. That’d be rather expensive.

All part of the plan.

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