Is Indiana the next state to pass Constitutional Carry?

Oh I hope so, this should be the law in every state. Cam Edwards brings us up to speed

After passing out of a key legislative committee last week, the Indiana House of Representatives is poised to vote on Constitutional Carry legislation as early as Monday, and Second Amendment supporters sound pretty positive about the bill’s chances for passage.

2A activist Guy Relford says that this year’s legislation is an improvement over the permitless carry bill introduced last year, which passed the House but failed to get a vote in the state Senate. Gone is the requirement that the state develop a new database that would allow police officers to access the criminal history of individuals pulled over for traffic offenses, which several Second Amendment organizations had objected to. But something else has changed since the defeat of the permitless carry legislation introduced last year: five states have adopted Constitutional Carry laws of their own, bringing the total number of permitless carry states to 21.

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One thought on “Is Indiana the next state to pass Constitutional Carry?”

  1. I understand someone in the Nebraska Legislature introduced a bill for Constitutional Carry but with the leftist Senators from Omaha and Lincoln there isn’t much chance of it passing.

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