How NOT to witness to servers/bartenders

I recall when these started showing up, I was GM at a Dallas bar/restaurant, and the servers, bartenders? Were NOT impressed. There was a big convention of some Christian groups in town, and sadly, it was a lousy weekend for our busy staff because of THESE! Talk about killing your message, and being a cheap jackass……….

The only worse conventions were the Mary Kay conventions. No one wanted these idiots to come eat. They were picky, high maintenance, VERY like a flock of Karens frankly. And oh YES CHEAP!! Here is more about these self-important jackasses

The Mary Kay convention has been gracing Dallas for the last 40 years, and by now the lipsticked ladies have become a staple of the Dallas summer, known for pumping millions into the local economy.

The money just doesn’t spill into servers’ wallets. Over the decades, the Mary Kay attendees have acquired a reputation for getting severe alligator arms when the tabs are settled at downtown restaurants and, less frequently, bars. Reports of abysmally low tips, no tips at all and cloying non-tip tips leave local servers frustrated and broker than usual.

At City Tavern, downtown waiters will often convene for a post-work drink and gripe about the low-tipping Mary Kay customers. “Some of the Mary Kay people are here and really can’t afford it, so a lot of them just don’t tip,” she said. “They leave a lot of makeup samples as tips, which doesn’t really work out.”

Mary Kay spokesman Crayton Webb sympathized with the tight budgeted attendees. “Some have just started their businesses,” he told CultureMap. “They are coming on their own dime and their own time. They’re trying to figure out how to do the seminar and still be economical.”

But with their own financial worries, downtown servers are less sympathetic to the cash-strapped attendees. “If you say ‘Mary Kay’ to anyone that is a server downtown, they’ll get so upset,” the City Tavern bartender said. “All the servers at the other places come here to hang out, and I hear horror stories every day, all week long.”

They leave makeup for everyone, it’s not just because I’m a girl. I can’t pay rent with makeup,” the City Tavern bartender said. “Or sometimes they’ll leave little cards that say, ‘You made my day!’ I also can’t pay rent with that. It’s not something we look forward to.”

I will keep it simple, if you are not going to tip, then hit a fast food restaurant. You KNOW the servers work for tips, so why screw them? Especially if you are going to be demanding, and demeaning? Maybe do not come in with eight people, bitch about the gratuity, ask the check be split, AFTER you are finished and in a hurry. And spare the server your fake , over zealous “THANK YOU, you were great” while you drop loose change on the table!

2 thoughts on “How NOT to witness to servers/bartenders”

  1. Someone explain how that isn’t some sort of counterfeit thing going on there. Seems like it to me, or fraud or something.

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