Yes, some linky posts are better than others

Here is a salute to the BEST, bloggers at linking others, or at posting content that are just MUST READ!

First, we must start with The Feral Irishman, who gives us all the sheer joy of the Friday Femme Fatale post, filed with pictures that will give us laughs, hot women, cool pics, AND things to think about! Here is the latest edition

Animal Magnetism graces us with his Wednesday Hump Day posts, filled with great news stories, op-eds, and humor Go check one out

Pirates Cove has his Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup EVERY Sunday, Yes MUST READ!

Proof Positive has his Best of the Web, and you will benefit if you check it out

Zendo Deb links throughout the week, and performs a public service by covering armed self-defense. She used to link me, but, now she hates me or something

Bacon Time is a good fried to this blog, and always has great links through the week

Fritz handles big news stories with lots of links, hard work, and valuable work!

By Other Means enjoys sharing pics of attractive women. Go thank him

Doug Ross, has links, and more links, go check it out

The notorious EBL has daily links, always forgets me, I need a Kleenex

Mike McDaniel? Every Sunday makes us laugh

Knuckledraggin has lots of funny links, videos, etc. Here is just one example

Obama Sez has links, EVERY Saturday

If I missed someone, please let me know.

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