It is time to blame stupid New Yawkers for voting for Leftists

The Other McCain notes that New York City seems to be filled with idiots, who REFUSE to not vote Democrat

New Yorkers are about to get what they voted for, and they deserve it:

Manhattan’s new liberal district attorney sent guidance to his staff this week saying he does not intend to prosecute several offenses, suggesting that “decriminalization” will help “make us safer,” according to reports.
Alvin Bragg, who was sworn in as Manhattan district attorney on January 1, sent a memo to his office on Monday calling for the “decriminalization/non prosecution” of crimes including marijuana possession, turnstile jumping, trespassing, resisting arrest, interfering with an arrest and prostitution

The guidance calls for downgrading felony charges in cases including armed robberies and drug dealing.

The memo says the office will “not seek carceral sentence other than for homicide” or “class B violent felony in which a deadly weapon causes serious injury, domestic violence felonies” with few exceptions.

“This rule may be excepted only in extraordinary circumstances based on a holistic analysis of the facts, criminal history, victim’s input (particularly in cases of violence or trauma), and any other information available,” the memo reads.

What a damned fool. Of course the focus should be to come down hard on murderers, rapists, car jackers, and all other violent criminals. But to basically ignore other crimes is a fools errand, and Bragg is, if nothing else is a damned fool. And, if you live in New York City and voted for him? Then you are as stupid as he is. Sadly, lots of innocent people will suffer from these foolish policies, but, as McCain points out there IS a price to achieve “Social Justice”

We do not need any research to know that Bragg’s policy will produce disastrous results — common sense tells us so and, given what we’ve seen in other cities where funding from George Soros has elected “progressive” district attorneys like Bragg, we know that life in New York City will become nightmarish. Prostitutes and drug dealers will ply their trades without fear of prosecution, carjackings and burglaries will skyrocket, and the daily death toll from drive-by shootings will shock the nation.

“Social justice” requires this. It is unfair for some people to live in safe neighborhoods with nice cars; to make things equal, every neighborhood in New York City must become as lawless and chaotic as the worst slums of the Bronx. While “social justice” will not improve the quality of life of allegedly “oppressed” minorities — indeed, black and brown people will be victimized at much higher rates — it will help accomplish Bragg’s real goal, i.e., to make life worse for white people in New York.

Words of wisdom my friends. Common sense is easy, all that is required is people that can think, but, sadly, lots of voters in the City of New York do not think………….

3 thoughts on “It is time to blame stupid New Yawkers for voting for Leftists”

  1. Please do not link to National Review without posting a warning. Now I must clean my computer of Neo-con artist infection.

  2. This is the exact opposite of “broken windows” policing. When the police would enforce so called “minor” laws, there was a marked decrease in major crimes. This is almost a guarantee that ALL crime will go up.

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