At times Karma can be subtle……

Then, other times Karma will just come out and whip the ass of a purse snatching. Guess which version Zendo Deb prefers……….. Yeah, me too

We should celebrate heroes, and Deshawn Pressley acted heroically. Good Samaritan honored for stopping thief at Butler County Kroger.

Even though this happened fairly close to home, I didn’t see it until Donut Operator reported on it. (See below for that.)

The location in question is about 25 miles from downtown Cincinnati, not quite due north of the city.

The players in this moral story are as follows.

  • Deshawn Pressley, Good Samaritan
  • Patricia Goins, our 87-year-old victim, and
  • Derek Vaughn, the would-be bad-guy.

And the Shreiff of Butler County, Richard Jones.

Goins said she and Pressley briefly crossed paths inside the store on Old Oxford State Road before Vaughn ran past her, grabbing her purse.

“As soon as I stepped into the aisle he grabbed my purse out of the cart,” Goins said.

Pressley ran after Vaughn and caught up with him in the parking lot, and delivered a bit a street justice until the cops arrived and arrested Vaughn.

Here is some video, and additional praise for Deshawn Pressley! Well done sir!

YES, Karma is a, you know

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