The Elites he said, as if no blame should be cast on fools such as himself……

Or words to that affect anyway, Jonah Goldberg can blame clueless elites for the issues with America, but really, he could find a mirror and take some blame himself. The Other McCain has lots more

Where is Jonah’s mea culpa? Where is the introspective examination of his own failure? Because most of us (using the first-person plural to speak of Republican voters in general) saw the 2020 election as a stark choice. We knew damned well that Joe Biden is a doddering idiot and that Democrats in Congress are swine, and if we did not foresee every consequence of a Democratic victory in 2020, we all realized it would be very bad. So we stuck by Trump, whatever his faults, knowing that he was the only thing standing between us and an absolute catastrophe.

Go read it all, it is good. I have also pondered why so many “Republicans” could not delineate between the Trump style, which at times was not great, and the actual substantive good Trump did for the country. I also was sickened at groups of Republicans, the Lincoln Project come to mind here, that completely turned their backs to every conservative principle they ever held. They KNEW that Democrats would go full blown socialist, and they knew that would hurt the country. They knew and cared only about their power, and money. And Jonah Goldberg, you sir, did the same thing

2 thoughts on “The Elites he said, as if no blame should be cast on fools such as himself……”

  1. You know, when I hear about Trump’s style being counterproductive, I realize that the person that said it or wrote it thinks that politicians should be well-dressed, well spoken, non-confrontational, bland, figureheads. Just like Obama. This is what the idiots of the world have been programmed to want and expect. Better someone that actually gets something done (not that Trump really did) than someone that tickles your ears and provides you with what you want to see. If it offends 40% of the population, great. That 40% will get offended if you use an incorrect pronoun. Stop making Kabuki theater the standard for political discourse.

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