Threats to our “Democracy”? Yes, from Leftists………….

Oh those Democrats, it is very clear the truth is meaningless to them. We are, as our Founders clearly noted, a republic. Of course, today’s Democrats are far closer to ideological agreement with Marx and Engels, than with Franklin, Madison, or Jefferson. In fact, there IS a direct threat to our republic, and it is coming from the leftists hacks chirping about “democracy”

The use of vile distractions is employed by those posing the biggest threats to democracy.

It has become a tiresome dose of hysterics in 2021. Ever since the riot that took place in the Capitol on January 6, the Democrats and the press (yes, yes, I know) have been in a constant state of issuing warnings. That event, and the suspicions behind the efficacy of the preceding election, have been described as being a direct threat to our democracy. That the riot – not an insurrection – did not damage the democracy is hardly an issue for the accusers. It did not even impact the verification vote, as it was held that same evening.

Yet we are constantly being told that almost any action or proposal by Republicans is a threat to our democratic system of government. Vice President Kamala Harris fumbled mightily Sunday as she showed how this claim has become the rote narrative from her administration, her party, and the media complex. She stepped on a rake as she appeared with Margaret Brennan on Face The Nation and tried to push this narrative.

When asked by Brennan what she considered to be the biggest threat to our national security Harris responded, “​Frankly, one of them is our democracy.” She eventually came around to correctly restate her comment, yet it is more than a shining example of her incompetent public performances – this was, after all not a live interview flub but a taped segment where she could have asked to rerecord her comment. It also displays how this topic is an automatic response anymore from the left side of the political spectrum.

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