The Left and their obsession with “equity” just do not care about the victims of violent criminals

Mike McDaniel absolutely nails the utter failure of the left’s approach to stopping violent crimes, by NOT punishing it GO READ IT ALL Here is a taste

How insanely dangerous and stupid are D/S/C wokesters?  This insane, dangerous and stupid:

In July, 17-year-old Tay’Zauhn Burns-Miller’s life was snuffed out by a drive-by murderer.  Just days before, Seattle was riven by a swarm of shootings in which six people were mowed down by shooters in one night. Four died. In October, a man escaped being killed by another drive-by shooter. And days ago, a man was critically wounded when a drive-by shooter picked him off as he sat in his car.

Seattle, Washington’s most populous city, had a record number of drive-by shootings in 2021. By July, the city’s drive-by shootings had doubled over the year before.

It’s a problem.

So why are Washington Democrats offering up a bill in the state legislature to lower the penalties for drive-by shootings? Well, there’s woke and then there’s just plain stupid. Washington state Democrats are vying to become the best stupid they can be, bless ’em.

Currently, Washington law holds that a drive-by shooter should get an aggravated enhancement if he is arrested and prosecuted—and that’s a big if. Such an enhancement could land a drive-by murderer a life prison sentence.

But under a bill proposed for the upcoming Washington state legislature by white, woke ex-con state Rep. Tarra Simmons and her co-sponsor David Hackney, the reduction in penalties is a move toward ‘racial equity.’ That’s right, drive-by shooting prosecutorial outcomes are racist. Never mind all the black and brown people who are the disproportionate victims of drive-by shootings.

Lots more at the link. I can only shake my head at the sheer unmitigated idiocy of these fools. I write about the “Pit of Leftist Stupidity” and how it is getting deeper, God, I wish I was wrong, but, sadly, tragically, I am not, the bastards really are this stupid!

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