Nick Wright Sports Opinion Douchebag

Robert Stacy McCain, like many SEC football fans, is hypersensitive to what he sees as unfair criticism to his team, in McCains’ case, Alabama, or to current or former players/coaches from that university. And, trust me, we will defend the honor of those who helped our schools win championships. Recently, as in this very week, McCain took great umbrage at some things noted sports talk loud mouth Nick Wright, went to great extremes to bash former Tide QB Mac Jones, as, basically, unfIt to play in the NFL. And Mr. McCain’s ire was triggered, see for yourself.

If Satan were a sports commentator, he’d be Nick Wright of Fox Sports. And if Patrick Mahomes were gay, Nick Wright would be his boyfriend.

Any liberal who thinks Fox News is biased should turn the channel over to Fox Sports sometime and see what real bias looks like. Nick Wright, a Kansas City native who, so far as anyone knows, never played a minute on any organized sports team, might be entertaining when he’s talking about baseball or some other sport, but when it comes to football, he’s a total fanboy for the Kansas City Chiefs. Nick Wright is as objective about the NFL as my teenage daughter is about Harry Styles.

And when he starts talking about Patrick Mahomes, it’s like gay porn.

Why should I care? Because this evil clown — he’s Satanic, I tell you — has spent the past season slagging Mac Jones, and the source of his bias is obvious. You see, the departure of Tom Brady from New England opened the window by which the Kansas City Chiefs (and Nick’s boyfriend Patrick Mahomes) could make it to the Super Bowl. So if the Patriots’ first-round draft pick out of Alabama turned into the greatest rookie quarterback in NFL history, this would have put a damper on Nick Wright’s hope for another AFC championship for his beloved Chiefs. Therefore, Nick has been deriding Jones’ abilities all season long, because he doesn’t want to see New England return to its accustomed AFC dominance. Any intelligent person can see this, but the executives at Fox Sports either (a) are extraordinarily stupid or (b) just think it’s great programming to have this Kansas City fanboy on TV five days a week.

Yes, McCain did take his belief that the Pats can get to, or even win the Superbowl a tad far in my view, but, hey, we fans do get passionate about our teams. Mac Jones has impressed me, a lot. But the “greatest” rookie QB ever? Dan Marino set the NFL on, fire his rookie year. But, that is a rarity, but a sports opinion guy, like Nick Wright, trashing Jones like he is terrible? That is just moronic. This is the real problem with sports opinion yakkers. They are always trying to get reactions, rather good, or bad. They are always seeking attention. Being smart, and reasoned? Hell no! Not Nick Wright, he is trying to be the next Screamin A. Smith. Scream loud enough, and people will have reactions, declaring people like Smith either an idiot, or a savant.

Of course, Wright is just a carnival barker, looking to create anger, outrage, and any other visceral reaction he can. This will, he believes gets eyes on him during his show This, more than anything else is why I cannot even tolerate most sports talk shows. There is no meat on that bone so to speak. A QB cannot have a “good” or “bad” game, no, it must be either the worst game any QB has EVER played, or a performance that inspired the entire world. Reckless hyperbole anyone? A commentator having a hot take, at times, is OK, but on every topic? Especially if they are discussing QB play. If a QB threw for 450 yards, six TD’s with only 5 incompletions, but, his defense gave up 45 points, the loss will, likely be pinned on the QB. All the great plays he made? Bah! The important thing is he threw a pick on the last play of the game. No matter that his team trailed, and it was 4th down, with three seconds left and his team was not in field goal range. No matter that he was under pressure and the only change his team had was a desperation heave, no matter it his a receiver in the hands but was dropped. NOPE! The QB CHOKED! See that is just idiotic.

Of course, McCain can enjoy, the college playoffs today, Bama will defeat Cincinatti, and then, Georgia will likely beat Michigan, setting up Georgia/Bama and YES Bama will beat Georgia, that is a lock! How do I know? Because Georgia should have beaten Bama the last few times they played, but, Bulldog coach Kirby Smart cannot beat Nick Saban PERIOD! Not in football, not at bowling, or hopscotch, or knitting, or volleyball, or video games, not at a watermelon seed putting contest, not at anything, EVER! NOW THAT? That is a hot sports take you can BANK ON!!

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