2022 will be the Year of Virtue Signaling Buffoons

Now men are getting snipped because “LOOK AT ME”

After Andy and Erin Gress had their fourth child, Andy decided it was time for him to “step up” and help with the family planning. So he did something that the mere thought of makes some men cringe: He got a vasectomy.

It was early one morning last winter – a brief moment of peace, before juggling getting the kids ready for online school and work Zoom calls. He happened to see a local news story about discounts being offered during “World Vasectomy Day.” He made an appointment that day.

Good Freaking Grief!! If the guy wanted a vasectomy, that is his choice, but really, using it as a “look at ME!” moment of complete self-absorption? But, it is all about making every action a gigantic bumper sticker to let everyone know how “important and virtuous” you are. In this case, it is about being pro-choice apparently

The procedure was a total relief, almost like the covid shot – like I’m safe now,” said Gress, who works in higher education. “I wanted to man up.”

But Gress’s action wasn’t just about his family. He also believed he should do more to support his wife and other women who don’t think the government should decide what they do with their bodies. “I’ve seen the miracle of life,” he said. “But I’ve also seen kids who are born into poverty and misery and don’t have a fair shot.”

See, he is WOKE DAMMIT! He thinks babies who he thinks might not have a “fair” shot are better off aborted, as in terminated, as in killed. How damned compassionate of him, right? Sure because LOOK at him, he is woke!


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