Pronoun Obsession Syndrome anyone?

Professor tries to force students to use their “preferred pronouns”

The California College Republicans issued a statement Monday “condemning” Cecilia González-Andrieu, a professor at Loyola Marymount University who allegedly penalized a student for referring to God as “He” in an assignment. 

Yesterday’s announcement follows a semester of controversy at the Catholic university over pronoun usage. 

Christopher Miller, a yoga studies professor, mandated his students include pronouns on their blog assignments, Fox News reported in November. 

The story coming out of the Yoga Department is just another link in a long train of abuses,” LMU GOP President Will Donahue said in a Dec. 1 statement. “I urge LMU to think deeply about the kind of school that they would like to be

So, how long until companies try to force employees to show their “pronouns” in company e mails, profiles, etc.? Oh you say you doubt that will ever happen? Think long nd hard on the lunacy of the left folks…………….. I mean you might scoff at the idea that we need LGBTQ “safe zones”, but…………….

Albany State University (ASU) is requesting that professors include a LGBTQ “Safe Zones” section on their syllabi. 

Campus Reform obtained a copy of the recommended syllabus statement, which explains that the university intends to establish “Safe Zone Spaces” across campus. 

The Safe Zone Project is to help educate people about sexual orientation and gender identity/expression issues and to create a visible network of allies to provide support to the ASU lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning (LGBTQ) community,” the statement reads. 

CRAZY and getting CRAZIER

One thought on “Pronoun Obsession Syndrome anyone?”

  1. I would have thought that the idiocy of the very people hollering Follow the Science and following that up with
    If a man decides he is a woman, he Is a woman!
    I really thought by now the normies would have shrugged them off and just ignore them and their demands. I’m old enough to remember a time when supporting and encouraging the deluded in their delusion was called
    And that behavior was not good. I’m pretty tired of the overwhelming majority kowtowing to these deranged people.
    How many kids are just not Part of the Cool Kids group, social outcasts, so they decide to Come Out,and then they are Ohh So Brave and Now everyone knows them..??
    And male athletes who are Not able to win against their peers just suddenly figure out they are women, born in the wrong body? And Conveniently, they just happen to be lesbians? HowBoutThat?

    If an adult needs a Safe Space or Crying Closet, how the Hell are they ever going to be able to handle a job? Good Frikkin GRIEF!

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