Some things to read over the next week or so……………

Over this holiday week, remember that wisdom, which is the polar opposite of woke, never stops being born of truth. And we need wisdom as much as we need anything. The thing our founders possessed, more than anything else, was wisdom. Wisdom, often times is very simple, you just have to grasp truths. One example, of course is the concept of natural rights. There is no liberty in a society that rejects wisdom, and please never, not even for a second, forget that the left is anti-wisdom. So, here then, are some links to wisdom

Animal looks at The Road to Serfdom and finds its truths growing more apparent each day.

I’ve read Friedrich Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom several times, and it seems every time I go through it seems a little more prescient.  The American Institute for Economic Research’s Barry Brownstein agrees.  Read part 1 of this work here.  Excerpt:

Astonishing progress has been made in the past few centuries. A rich extended order has evolved, allowing human cooperation to lift billions out of dire poverty and bring a standard of living to the West that couldn’t have been imagined mere generations ago. Jonah Goldberg calls it “the Miracle of modernity,” yet few understand that the bounty we enjoy does not flow from politicians’ plans. Today, totalitarians are actively working to destroy the engine of human cooperation. 

Let’s be clear: What Hayek saw as dangerous, what you see as dangerous, millions are now cheering for in the name of societal advancement. 

Since 1947, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists has kept a Doomsday Clock as a metaphor for “how close we are to destroying our world with dangerous technologies.” At the risk of mixing metaphors, surely the Road to Serfdom clock may be approaching midnight.

The Road to Serfdom was published in 1944, and naturally, Germany was on Hayek’s mind. Hayek clarifies that Nazism is not a function of “a peculiar wickedness” in the character of Germans, and false beliefs the Germans had taken on were not limited to Germany. At that time, Hayek observed in England, “There are few single features [of totalitarianism] which have not yet been advised by somebody.” 

By “societal advancement,” of course, Mr. Bernstein means “progress,” as defined by the political Left – “progress on the road to socialism.”

Go read it all, it is powerful, and crucial that we understand the evil many wish to visit upon every free person on this earth. These people, are intent to ignore wisdom, and if they win……………….

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