It must be Sunday

Feral Irishman blesses us weekly with the Friday Femme Fatale post

Knuckledraggin ponders snot-nosed brats trapped in grown up bodies

Whores and Ale looks at dudes competing with women

View From Lady Lake is well worth a visit

Right Way has look at your Hillbilly Weather!

19th Ward looks at “transitory crime”

Zendo Deb looks at self-defense in North Carolina

Have I mentioned that China is a Communist regime? Mike Miles reminds us

Fritz: Trump, the Washington Post and a shower head walk into a bar……

From Bear Creek looks at Populism

The Other McCain has advice on dating sites

Wyatt has Crazed apes

Ed looks at DeSantis winning AGAIN

Sonoran Conservative has a Christmas Babe

Slow Facts looks at moderates leaving gun control behind

Bacon Time has LINKAGE!!!

Blazing Cat Fur has “Woke Side Story” news

By Other Means has Cosplay gals

Captain Capitalism looks at deadly spiders?

Diogenes has a ghastly women who just will NOT go away

Rio Norte notes the SHOCKING resistance to the “anti-racists”

Proof Positive has the BEST of the web!

Pirates Cove light up Sunday with the Sorta Blogless Pinup

Pappy salutes a teacher SUING the Marxists

Pacific Pundit looks at the Little Ball of Hate, Ilhan Omar, throwing a shit fit

Madd Medic as MemeMania

Mike McDaniel has Laughs!

Moonbattery, and the anti Asian hate crimes roll on, media narrative hardest hit

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