It is almost as if the left likes violent criminals………

Via the Zendo One, who has more bail reform insanity, and more innocent people harmed by it

Not so good for the injured store clerk. #57: Man shot store clerk while on bond for felony gun case, prosecutors say – CWB Chicago

Prosecutors on Friday charged 20-year-old Major Traylor with shooting a food store employee last month while on bond for a felony gun case. Three weeks later, before police arrested him for the shooting, Traylor pleaded guilty to the gun case in exchange for a sentence of “first time gun offender probation.”

He is the 57th person accused of killing, trying to kill, or shooting someone in Chicago this year while awaiting trial for a felony. A total of 83 victims are involved in those crimes.

And, do not forget those who push “bail reform” also push gun control, think about that

2 thoughts on “It is almost as if the left likes violent criminals………”

  1. The bail reform will clear the last of the “normies” out of the doomed urban relics and make the area suitable for colonization by all those Illegals that they have been recruiting. As in Compton, California, the new population will drive away the useless ghetto people so they will move into your suburb and set up shop in the “affordable” [ghetto-ready] multi family housing that they have pushed. The push for “gun control” that only affects the normie suburban folks will help make the suburbs unable to resist their new neighbors. Driving the defective ghetto people out of the cities will improve property owner profits and city grift. Guess what is coming to your neighborhood…..

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