I have been remiss, and working with a very temper mental laptop, so weekend links have been tough to do, but tonight, I am going to break that streak

Whores and Ale? A look at Facebook hypocrisy

Knuckledraggin has Friday Fun

The Feral Irishman has another MUST SEE Friday Femme Fatale

The Right Way is on the Links Train too

At the O.K. Corral, Wyatt points out that the local Goodwill is not the place to poop

The Other McCain is happy happy happy because Jussie Jussie Jussie is Guilty Guilty Guilty!

The Mad Irishman notes that violent felons are still getting released, and are still killing people

Last Tradition covers Jussie Smollett and woke math

Sonoran Conservative has some Leftist sensitivity

Rio Norte Line looks at the left’s manufacturing of hate

Proof has some music

Pirates Cove reports that over half of folks under 25 think that we are DOOMED!!!!

Philthy Delphia has thoughts from the next president

Pacific Pundit ponders if FREDO is really this big a tool?

Moonbattery looks at MORE taxes on natural gas

Mike McDaniel has Funnies!

Madd Medic has MEME Mania

Free North Carolina has a recipe recommendation

Daniel Greenfield notes more fail from Team Mumbles and Stumbles

By Other Means really digs red heads

Blazing Cat Fur notes our descent into madness

Bacon Time has a look at cool coffee machines

Animal Magnetism is going NUCLEAR!

Fritz notes that LA is pretty much a war zone

90 Miles notes Joe Rogan’s keen observations

The Zendo One looks at self-defense, and the idiocy of warning shots

19th Ward looks at Chicago’s war on innocent people

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