Good and hard indeed!

That, from a quote about democracy by H.L. Mencken that R.S. McCain shares in noting that the Biden administration, which I have rebranded Team Stumbles and Mumbles, now can no longer blame the evil “Orange Man bad” it is, all on them

Leighton Woodhouse is a self-described “progressive” documentary filmmaker who lives in Oakland, California, and he describes the disastrous impact of “defund the police” in the Bay Area where crime has gotten completely out of control:

Shoplifters casually walk into Walgreens stores in San Francisco filling garbage bags full of merchandise. They’ve spat on, bitten, assaulted, and thrown bottles of urine at employees.
The flashmob-style “smash and grab” robberies that originated here — in places like Union Square in San Francisco and the shopping plaza in affluent Walnut Creek — have now spread across the country.
Asian seniors are brazenly assaulted in the street; one octogenarian was body slammed to death. This week, an Afghan refugee— a father of three who had worked as a translator for the U.S. army — was shot dead near a playground in San Francisco’s Potrero Hill neighborhood.
And now freeway shootings are a thing. A few weeks ago, at nine in the morning, a 29-year-old mom on her way from Oakland to San Francisco for a job interview with her fiancé and two kids was randomly shot and killed in her SUV at the Bay Bridge toll plaza.

Go read it all

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