Signs of intelligent life in Oakland?

Will miracles never cease? The Zendo One passes on some good news

Reality has a way of intruding, given enough time and abrasion. Oakland could hire up to 76 more cops over next few years under mayor’s proposal

They still talk about their “re-imagine public safety,” or new approaches to reducing crime, but they are faced with the most homicides on record in a given year. So they have to do something.

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaff presented a plan Friday that could ultimately unleash 76 additional police officers to fight a deadly surge of gun violence that has wracked the city and contributed to a homicide count of 129 this year as of Friday afternoon.

“Gun violence.” No people involved. No gang-members involved certainly! Just guns.

Ah, they just cannot stop with the “gun violence” can they? It as if guns invented violence isn’t it ? That is what the propagandists wish America to believe

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