Trump-Endorsed U.S. Rep Candidate Steve Carra Announces Plan to Arm Teachers After Michigan School Shooting – Big League Politics

Michigan state representative Steve Carra (R-Three Rivers) has announced a plan to arm teachers after a school shooting in the city of Oxford resulted in four dead children on Tuesday.

“Today, I have announced a plan to allow faculty and staff to protect students and others from imminent and malicious harm by storing lawfully owned firearms or tasers in a secure lockbox on the premises,” Carra wrote in a Facebook post announcing his proposal.

“As usual, the victims’ bodies were still warm when the Democrats revived their expected and monotonous talking points in favor of gun-control legislation. Let me be clear, further restrictions on our Second Amendment liberties would not have stopped the Oxford shooter. Under Michigan law, schools are already deemed gun-free zones, and the perpetrator violated this law. Criminals, by definition, break the rules, and it is naive to assume that more restrictive prohibitions will transform rogue individuals into good citizens,” he continued.

“Situation such as Oxford and the shooting in Parkland, Florida have demonstrated that our schools and other similar sites are vulnerable to attack. Rather than criticizing assaults on what are essentially soft targets, we need to reinforce these facilities. School and state authorities must be properly prepared if, God forbid, another violent attacker targets students at a school. Teachers and staff care for their students’ safety, and some of these professionals are willing to use their guns or tasers if a tragic need for school defense arises,” Carra added…


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