Awake up call he says, and, he is right

He, would be Newt Gingrich, and really, everyone with multiple brain cells should already know that our current crime waves should have us all wide awake

The deadly actions of the last few days should serve as a wake-up call to most Americans. Being pro-criminal and anti-police is beginning to undermine the fabric of our civilization.

We have already seen a dramatic rise in murders and other crimes.

Now, we have a massacre by a convicted criminal who drove a vehicle into a Christmas parade, killing six people and wounding 40 who had gathered to celebrate the birth of Christ and the beginning of the Christmas season. 

The attack in Waukesha, Wisconsin dazed the country because it was so stunning to see such senseless killing and maiming. It was a frightening reminder that we now live in a country where we can all be at risk at any time and place.

At nearly the same time, 2,159 miles to the west, a mob was breaking into stores and looting them. The open vandalism, theft, and destruction resembled a scene from the movie “Clockwork Orange.” It is a pattern of criminal aggression which has been building in San Francisco since the city’s communist, pro-criminal, anti-law enforcement district attorney took office.

As of last reports, there have been three days of looting in San Francisco, and it has now spread to San Jose. As the looting is more widely reported, there is a real likelihood it will spread to other cities.

Go read it all, all this was fairly easy to predict. We allowed mass looting and riots, nationwide last year, rather than putting such evil down. Even worse, our media, and one of our two major parties, praised it far more than they called for rioting and destruction to end. Everyone who can think could have predicted that excusing and normalizing such acts would lead to worse behaviors. Too many went on TV and said incredibly asinine things. Things like looting does not really hurt anyone. It is only property after all. The stores, would be rebuilt, and, all of this was our much deserved national reckoning. America, we were told, really deserved this because RAAAAACISM, INEQUALITY, BLM, and “JUSTICE”!

Of course, when those “just businesses were looted, burned and destroyed, so were thousands of jobs, and, despite the claims of moral reprobates and thugs, many of those businesses and thus jobs, never came back. And, many of the looters were never punished, thus emboldening future thuggery, and add to that this insane war on bail that has led to many violent felons being released, and, shocking I know, committing more acts of violence, up to and including MURDERS! But, I guess this is just more of America paying the price because we are a nation based and built on “racism” and “White Supremacy”. And you wonder how we got here?

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