Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Begins with a Obama Judge and Jim Comey’s Daughter Prosecuting; Will Ties to FBI and US Government Be Revealed? – Gateway Pundit

The Ghislaine Maxwell case begins with a Obama Judge Alison Nathan, who already blocked some content from the media.

One of the lead prosecutors is Jim Comey’s daughter.

She was involved in the lost video incident from the jail that purportedly showed Epstein trying to kill himself in his so-called first suicide attempt.

Techno Fog has more on the case including Epstein’s links to the federal government:

We’ve followed the Jeffrey Epstein saga for years. Back before his arrest, we were the first to observe he was an informant for the FBI. We were the first to name the individuals at Main Justice in Washington, DC who supervised and approved Epstein’s 2007 plea deal. (Epstein’s lawyers would later name these DOJ supervisors in court.)

Now we’ll be focusing on the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, which is set to begin tomorrow, November 29…


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