Oh yeah, David Brooks is still writing apology letters for Republicans?

To be honest, I had not thought of David Brooks of late He was, at one time someone I wrote about a bit. But, over time, well, David Brooks, who had an obsession with Obama’s pants, yes, really, became a boring case study in “Republicans” who live their lives apologizing for being a Republican. I mean how many times can little David Brooks self-flagellate until, well, boredom kicks in. But today I read this at The Other McCain, and I remembered Brooks penchant for apologizing/groveling/and whining. Stacey McCain takes David to task, in that special way that makes me laugh, because, honestly, who has not thought of punching Brooks in his face? Frankly, if they marketed punching bags with Brooks image on them? HUGE PROFITS!

The basic problem with David Brooks is that he hasn’t been punched in the face as often as he deserves to be punched in the face.

Which is to say, repeatedly, on a daily basis.

On two occasions, I happened to be at conferences where David Brooks was a speaker, and in both instances, I walked out of the room, overcome by rage, struggling to resist an urge to rush the stage, grab hold of that swine and pummel him until the cops hauled me off to jail.

Go read it all, and then go read Brooks latest whine fest at the Atlantic, where people with no spine, or principles, or even a clue pretend to have important takes on politics/culture/etc.

All this made me ponder if Brooks has the MOST punchable face. There is David Frum, who reaches levels of “empty suit” that are beyond comprehension. And Elie Mystal who looks like a Chia-Pet gone very wrong, and some others as well. Rick Santorum, who I agree with often, also has one of those faces. And Geraldo Rivera? The Mustachioed Douchebag is at the top of any list. If you were to put any of those listed in Santa suits, and offer children, for an extra few bucks, because that Irish whiskey is NOT going to buy itself, an opportunity to punch Geraldo in his face? One word! CASH!!!!!

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