The Bleak Misery of a Leftist Thanksgiving – J.B. Shurk

This week, millions of Americans from all walks of life will sit down with friends and family to enjoy the bliss of food and fellowship.  And somewhere amid the warmth and frivolity of this great American tradition, most will stop to count their blessings and give thanks to God.  We give thanks for this feast before us.  We give thanks for bringing everyone at this table together, healthy and in good spirits again.

We give thanks for always keeping an eye over us, for seeing us through the worst of the last year, for mending our hearts, and for raising our spirits.  We give thanks for reminding us what is most important in this world.  We thank You for giving us life.

For people of faith, Thanksgiving provides a day to celebrate everything we have, no matter how much or how little that might be.  It is a day when simple comforts get their due.  A warm fire, warm food, and warm friendships are all that really matter, and for a day, everything else in the world disappears behind these age-old truths.

For a leftist Thanksgiving must be the pits.  To be thankful…is there anything more antithetical to the left’s worldview?  Imaginary injustice lurks behind every corner.  Unconscious prejudice taints every good deed.  Every wholesome tradition props up the “supremacy” of some unworthy culture.  No, no, who could be thankful for all that?  Dividing people for sport and insisting they feel miserable in their lives are the fuels that propel leftist power.  Something must always be wrong, and someone, somewhere, must always be blamed.  When life is seen as nothing more than a series of battles on the bloody path to “progressive” Utopia, every day must end in failure — and what kind of human being could possibly be thankful for that?

  • “Before we pass around the tofu turkey, let’s give thanks to Karl Marx.”
  • “Perhaps we should first apologize to Mother Earth for the damage we’ve caused her.”
  • “I think we should all go around the table and share how we were oppressed this last year, except for Shaun, since he’s white.”
  • “Actually, I see myself as black now.”
  • “Alright, then whoever has the most hyphens in his/her/xir/their gendered pronouns deserves to go first.”
  • “How about we just ask everybody who’s unhappy to raise a hand?”

It’s not hard to see how empty the life of a leftist is.  Incapable of sincere thanks and incapable of genuine happiness, meaning in life is lost.  Political platitudes are all that remain.  So is leftism a disease that rots the human soul?  It most certainly is…


2 thoughts on “The Bleak Misery of a Leftist Thanksgiving – J.B. Shurk”

  1. I bet EVERY last one of that 28% was either a DimwiRAT, an American african, stoopid, or a woman. Some of those approving likely fit into two or more of those categories.

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