Open carry is intimidating?

Perhaps to David French, who used to pretend to be a Conservative, before he found it politically advantageous to attack Trump, and many parts of Conservatism. But, to me, living in a state that allows open carry, it does not intimidate, frighten or bother me at all. I see folks with guns on their hips while grocery shopping fairly often, or at the dump, or in Wal Mart. And not once have I felt frightened or apprehensive. Aware, of course, but, not afraid. David French, though, sees open carry as menacing, intimidating, and political. See here.

But there is also an immense difference between quiet concealed carry and vigilante open carry, including in ham-handed and amateurish attempts to accomplish one of the most difficult tasks in all of policing—imposing order in the face of civil unrest. And there is a dramatic difference between the use of weapons as a last resort, when your life or the lives of others are in immediate danger, and the open carrying of weapons as an intimidation tactic or as an intentionally disconcerting display of political identity and defiance.

Dana Loesch, who I find an effective defender of gun rights, could not disagree with Mr. French more vociferously and takes him to task

Open carry is “menacing?” To whom? I’ll agree that in most every circumstance concealed carry is more advantageous for the carrier because you retain the element of surprise. It’s why I typically carry concealed and encourage others to do so. I emphatically disagree however, that open carry is provocative or an intimidation tactic, nor do I think it’s a “disconcerting display of political identity and defiance.” Open carry is no more a disconcerting display of political identity than speaking at a political rally, praying over your meal in a restaurant, or reporting on what’s happening at your school board meeting for your community.

Go read it all, it will brighten your day, because, common sense, when expressed eloquent and unapologetic ways, is always uplifting. Also, listen to Dana’s talk show, in my view, a view I almost always agree with by the way, is the best radio show going, period!

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