Hung Jury?

The Other McCain has a theory that the majority of jurors want to acquit Kyle Rittenhouse, but there are two, maybe three that refuse to stick to JUST the evidence. Because, Rittenhouse should not have been in Kenosha! That is not, of course, how our justice system works, but………………

The jury asked the judge Wednesday to review surveillance drone video of the shooting incident, a request that might be interpreted several different ways. My theory, however, is that a majority of the jurors want to acquit Rittenhouse, but are deadlocked — probably 10-2 or 9-3 — because a few jurors are adamant that Rittenhouse can’t be allowed to get off scot-free. He must be found guilty of something, these holdouts believe, because how is it that a 17-year-old can just walk around with an AR-15 and shoot anybody who causes him trouble?

More than likely McCain is correct Of course, some might be worried about being doxxed or targeted by certain social justice warriors, but, in my experience, there are those people who simply cannot stick to a job regardless of their own ego. They cannot do simple, or easy, hopefully, they will, in the end look only at the evidence

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