It is Thursday, Do you know where the Marxists are?

Here is a hint, Washington DC, and no, no one elected them

This is now a couple of weeks old, but I just stumbled across a very interesting look at the new Federal Trade Commission chair.  And it’s a little bizarre.  Excerpt:

Last month Lina Khan, the new chair of the Federal Trade Commission, issued an internal memo setting out her goals for the agency. It is a paper loaded with bureaucratic abstraction. Khan calls on the agency to “harness” a “strategic approach,” “execute on best practices,” “broaden…institutional skillsets,” “prioritize…core operational objectives,” and “apply an integrated approach” that “surface[s] interconnections.”

Underneath the linguistic bunkum, however, are some bold claims about the agency and its place in the world. Khan calls for a “holistic” (read: expansive) approach to antitrust law, one that (somehow) balances the interests of “workers and independent businesses as well as consumers.” She urges staff to operate more like industrial planners—administrators who identify “root causes,” dictate “market structure,” and control “macro effects.” She declares the agency a “body whose work shapes the distribution of power and opportunity across our economy.”

Note that it’s impossible to “dictate market structure” or to “control macro effects.”  This is the language of Marx and Lenin, and central control has failed every time it’s been tried.  This is stupidity on steroids – hardly something new for the Biden(‘s handlers) Administration.

So, what could all this lead to? Hit the link, Animal Magnetism lays out just how bad this could get! Well, Khan has granted herself “unilateral authority over antitrust investigations”, so……

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