Bail reform? That ain’t justice!

Justice is that very last ting the left desires for America! When they talk about bail “reform” or “social justice, what they men is, they wish to erase our justice system, and if that gets innocent people hurt, or killed? Well, just remember that no price is too high for others to pay for Communism to succeed. Zendo Deb has yet another tragic fail for “justice”

Not so good for the latest victim. #50: Uber driver was murdered by a man who was on felony bail, federal prosecutors say. But that’s only part of the story. – CWB Chicago

When Chicago police arrested Edmond Harris after he allegedly crashed a hijacked SUV in Lawndale on February 12, they appeared to have a slam-dunk felony case against him.

But Kim Foxx and her band of SJWs see themselves more as non-prosecuting attorneys than as prosecutors.

But Harris was not charged with any crime related to the carjacking or driving the hijacked SUV. Instead, prosecutors only charged him with failure to register as a sex offender in an unrelated matter.

He posted 1000 bucks and walked away.

And five weeks after he posted that $1,000 bail bond, he killed an Uber driver in yet another carjacking, according to federal prosecutors.

Harris is the 50th person accused of killing, trying to kill, or shooting someone in Chicago this year while awaiting trial for a felony.

You know what would end this despicable policy? And I mean end it quick? The media, doing their job! Yes, the media could actually take a few minutes and cover this. But CNN and MSNBS, ABC, CBS etc. are too busy trying to get a kid who defended himself with a firearm and killed two rioting parasitic thugs put away because they are more offended that he defended himself apparently. And yes, FOX, I mean you too. Where the hell are your reports on the evil results of bail reform? Send Geraldo there, let him report on this! No one wants to see him and his Mustache on The Five anyway.

One thought on “Bail reform? That ain’t justice!”

  1. “You know what would end this despicable policy? And I mean end it quick? The media, doing their job”

    Perhaps they ARE doing their job, and you are just unaware of their job description….

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