5 thoughts on “Thursday Pics”

    1. A lady friend of mine had that Chevy in red, and let me drive it one time. Here I am, driving this hot car, with a hot lady in the seat beside me, there was this particular stretch of road, where the lights were perfectly timed for anyone driving 30MPH. So this guy pulls up along side of me, revving his engine, looking to show me up in front of “my woman”. He takes off from the light at a high rate of speed, and is sitting, waiting for the next light when I roll past him at 30 MPH. He hits the gas and passes me, only to stop and sit at the next light, where I roll past him at 30 MPH!
      He’s really mad now, so he passes me and waits at the next light. I’m rolling by at 30 MPH, and he hits the gas and either blew his engine or his tranny, and was sitting there, dead in the street as I laughed at him in my rear view mirror!

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