Guess he should have chosen to leave his ex ALONE!

ZENDO DEB! Has stories with REALLY happy endings! No, not that kind of happy endings you pervs! THIS KIND!

Home invaders are still getting shot. Police say man shot dead in east El Paso after assaulting ex-girlfriend is justifiable killing.

Police identified the man killed as Aram Sida, 23, of Horizon City, and said he was shot to death by 20-year-old Hunter Joseph at his home in the 11800 block of Vere Leasure on Friday evening. The shooting happened after Sida allegedly assaulted his ex-girlfriend.

In a report on the shooting released Monday, police wrote that the “investigation revealed Sida forced his way into the residence. Once inside the residence, Sida began assaulting the female victim. The homeowner told Sida to leave the residence and armed himself with a rifle. Sida charged toward the homeowner with a knife.

Dude! When she says it is over? Then it is over, move on, unless you prefer being DEAD of course. Luckily for this woman she had someone to protect her, with a firearm! Think how this story might have ended in, say New Joisey?

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