Well, looks like The View is REALLY unhappy with the Virginia election

SO unhappy, they were preheating their outrageously outrageous outrage yesterday! Call it pre-emptive outrage!

Whoopi Goldberg started off by bringing up the role of CRT in Virginia’s governor’s race and scoffing, “It’s not [being taught], but people are out of their minds. Wouldn’t it just be easier if everybody said, okay! We weren’t teaching it and we will continue not to teach it!”

Sunny Hostin chimed in that the theory was only taught at the law school level, while Joy Behar claimed it was a big distraction from all the great things Biden wanted to do for American families.

“I’m going to push back on that a little Joy,” their guest host, Michele Tafoya said. Behar shot back, “Go ahead, that’s why you’re here.” Tafoya had received their ire in the previous segment for arguing against vaccine mandates. She awkwardly joked back, “I’m here to be the odd man hated on the set.”

Too much honesty there!

The reporter went on to talk about how her son had friends of different ethnicities when he was younger but his school racially segregated social groups to where he was encouraged to no longer be friends with them. “Why are we even teaching at the color of the skin matters? Because to me, what matters is your character and your values,” she said.

So, it seems that Goldberg, who seems to think lynchings are still happening because “White people” and Joy Beyhar are the useful idiots, they asked a leftist if CRT was being taught, and were told “No! Of course not!” and they believed it. Hostin is not that stupid I would bet she KNOWS damn well it is being taught. But, good for Tafoya, she stood her ground. And, at one point she looked ready to punch Hostin.

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