Has any person ever lost their damned mind more often than Juan Williams?

How to describe Juan Williams? Sure, but, not fully accurate. Stupid as a screen door in a sub-marine? Better, but still it is not strong enough. I mean the Stupid is STRONG with Juan Williams. How strong? How deep in the Pit of Eternal Leftist Stupidity IS Williams? He is going to hit China soon folks

Juan Williams calls involved parents RAAAAACISTS!

After white supremacists spilled blood in defense of keeping up Confederate statues in 2017, the GOP candidate for governor of Virginia, Ed Gillespie, said the monuments should stay up as a matter of heritage and history.

His TV advertising featured threatening images of Latino gangs, labeled illegal immigrants, involved in murder and rape.

The racially loaded “Culture Wars” campaign, straight from then-President Trump’s playbook, gave Gillespie a push, but he ultimately lost the race to Democrat Ralph Northam.

Now Virginia Republicans are back with a new and improved “Culture Wars” campaign for 2021. The closing argument is once again full of racial division — but this time it is dressed up as a defense of little children.

The rallying cry is “Parents’ Rights.”

Go read it all, and try to keep your head from exploding from the STUCK ON STOOPIT! I mean the mental gymnastics this pretzel logic demands of readers is astounding.

4 thoughts on “Has any person ever lost their damned mind more often than Juan Williams?”

  1. Juan has lost it. Maybe trying to deny how the Democratic Party has collapsed into tin foil hat land has proved too much for him

  2. Hmm. Wonder what “parental rights” Juan Williams enjoyed with his children?
    Leftists are always trying to redefine the language so they look like they’re supporting sane and rational ideas.

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