Another LAST CHANCE!! to save the earth from the Scam to end all Scams!

YES, I said scam, because the whole climate catastrophe scam is, well a HUGE SCAM that is designed to make a lot of SCAMMERS, a LOT of money!

It’s rather amusing that all these youths have allowed themselves to be so indoctrinated that they are actually advocating for government to take their money and run their lives. Also, how many took long fossil fueled flights?

There are over 14,000 kilometers separating the African nation of Malawi from the United States. A direct airplane between the two would take an estimated 16 hours, and, as well as physical distance, the lands are also culturally miles apart.

But one thing that unites both countries, and many other nations around the world, is having young climate change activists fighting for their voices to be heard.

Some of those very campaigners have traveled to Glasgow, Scotland, to attend the U.N. Climate Change Conference.

GO read it all!

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