Remember the ex Marine who beat down a thug?

Well, he got an award, for doing good, but his T shirt offended some Leftist asshats so……….

Even in 2021, there are still Americans out there, and people who deserve recognition sometimes get it. Patriots applauded when unarmed Marine veteran James Kilcer took on armed punks in a Yuma Chevron station a week ago Wednesday.

BUT, his shirt he wore to receive his reward? OFFENSIVE!!!!! So, his good deed should be 86ed because WOKE!

So, heroes, and their actions are now expected to wear the correct T-shirts or face cancellation of the good they did? Sounds like no one will be able to be declared pure enough by the Marxists to ever be a hero again! Unless, of course normal people like us tell the Richard Boyd’s of the world to take a flying leap!!

2 thoughts on “Remember the ex Marine who beat down a thug?”

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