FINALLY! Left reaches max level lunacy!! Micro Penis Justice?

CANNOT WAIT TO talk about THIS on the Podcast

It’s not the size of the protest — it’s what you do with it.

Dozens of men have hit the streets for a “Small Dong March,” seeking to end the so-called “shame” associated with having an undersized penis.  

The demonstration took place Saturday in Downtown Los Angeles and was organized by YouTube stars Chad and JT.

“Some people are embarrassed to show up. If you have a small dong, the truth will come out. So own that truth,” the organizers pleaded while promoting the penis protest on Twitter.

Activists assembled in the area at 10 a.m. — although the length (and girth) of the march wasn’t publicized online.

Participants paraded through the streets, brandishing eye-catching placards and chanting in unison.

So, they have been planning such an event for years but they always came up a tad short!!!!

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