Virginia, the center of everything political………….

The Other McCain has some thoughts on how to deal with the political stress of such a close race. Desperate Terry McAuliffe who has been governor before, is in a dead heat with a guy that no one in Virginia had heard of before he announced his candidacy. Yet, here we are, a razor thing race which might be breaking slightly for Youngkin. So, if you area Virginian, and REALLY into politics, you know polls, more polls, even more polls, and WHERE THE HELL DID ALL THESE POLLS COME FROM, and analysis, and political spin. Here is helpful advice Mr. McCain

The best way to react to this is to ignore it. Just go vote, and encourage your neighbors to do the same, and do your best to tune out the frantic chatter from the desperate Democrats. Read a book. Watch a movie. Do whatever it takes to calm your mind amid the campaign madness.

Solid advice my friends. I used to REALLY get into looking at polls, national averages of polls, etc. It only served to stress me out, and, did not one thing to change any results. In short, the stress IS NOT worth it.

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