Remember kids, when the left no longer needs you………….

Marxists have, for as long as there have been Marxists, have promised UTOPIA to those foolish enough to believe that for each, according to their needs, and from each, according to their ability. Marxism thrives on suckers, they are like that sharp dressed guy who just bought you a drink at the chic new bar in town and is now charming you into ‘coming back to his place”. And yes, he has that brand new car, and that nice home, and yes he calls you beautiful, and yes. He will treat you like a queen. And then, once he has gained what he wanted, his promise to call, take you away next weekend? Yeah, those things never happen, and slowly it dawns on you that you should have drink the drink he bought you and said goodnight. But, he was so handsome, and charming, and……..then it dawns on you. He got what he wanted, he screwed you, and then, screwed you again…………..

Likewise, when Democrats Progressives Socialists have gained power, your vote, and their promises you swallowed are now meaningless. Yeah, they might need you in 2024, but until then? You are on your own, and the ill affects of their policies and mismangement? Those are just “high class” problems. Just ask Ron Klain, he is better than you, so, piss off! Or maybe they are just a sign that they have the economy running sooooooo well, that store shelves are getting bare. Sure you might doubt that, but let America’s Gay Secretary of Transportation assure you it is great news that you cannot buy things you need! Oh, wait, don’t bother him now, he is on extended paternity leave, so, piss off peasant!And, if you are expecting deliveries soon? Well, they will take longer and Jenn Saki will mock you for your “tragedy”

Funny how Marxists always promise such grand things for “the people”, If you will just give them your vote, your problems? They will be gone. Yeah, right…………….

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