Links for Saturday evening, and Sunday

The Friday Femme Fatale from Feral Irishman is legendary, go see why (adulty stuff)

Whores AND Ale? A Thought Provoker

Knuckledraggin notes more Communism, under Comrade Biden

Best of the Web you say? Proof has that

Climate Scammers? Pirates Cove takes a look

Animal Magnetism has his Wonderfully Wondrous Wednesday linksfest!

Fritz pities Oregon’s fate

Zendo Deb is feeling linky and kinky?

90 Miles shares the wisdom of Jefferson

19th Ward predicts a new crisis?

Bacon Time has a woman faking it, no, not that way you pervs!

Blazing Cat Fur notes how the Chi Coms are just like the Wokers here erase history, wash, rinse, repeat

By Other Means has Cosplay gals

Daniel Greenfield notes that BLM, has caused more violent Black deaths

Diogenes has some deep thoughts from AOC

Earl of Taint: Billie Ellish is mad, and really a train wreck

The Notorious EBL hears a chant a glorious chant

Free North Carolina knows mountains

Madd Medic praises dogs

Mike McDaniel helps us laugh

Moonbattery: Apparently Dave Chappelle is not “woke”

Pacific Pundit: Everybody hates Don Limon

Rio Norte, Yes, first comes gradual, then……SUDDENLY

Sonoran Conservative has whoa..….

The Other McCain looks at “journalists”

More Links to follow

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