We all know math is “hard” but, seriously President Biden, COME ON MAN!

Via The Other McCain, who admits he is no math whiz, but REALLY Mr. President?

Look, I’m no expert in math, but you’re never going to convince me that the cost of a $3.5 trillion legislative package is zero:

In recent weeks, the Biden administration has been slammed for claiming the $3.5 budget reconciliation packages “costs zero dollars.”
On Monday, the president said once again that the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill as well as reconciliation are both somehow paid for.
Hours later, during her daily press briefing, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki made a similar point when pressed on whether the president admitted the bill didn’t cost zero when he said it would be less than he initially proposed.
“What we’re talking about is how much the top line investments are — which are all paid for,” Psaki said, referencing the $3.5 price tag. “So therefore, it costs zero, no matter what the cost or size of the top line investments are, we have ways to pay for it.”
Psaki added that the plan will be paid for by asking corporations and people of the highest incomes to “cover the cost of these necessary investments” through higher tax rates.

Is she, like the president, just awfully awful at math? Is she crazy? Or, is she just a damned liar who regurgitates the lies of the president? Of course, she also spits up this hairball of fallacies, lies, mistruths, and bovine excrement

When asked one more time if the reconciliation budget costs zero dollars, Psaki admitted “the plan costs nothing for the American people who make less than $400,000.”

Jen, Jen, Jen, you lying hack. You know, I know, everyone, except knuckledagging college wokers know that even if the tax rates on “everyone making less than $400,000” are not raised, the price of EVERYTHING will increase if the “evil rich” get massive tax rate hikes. The kind of lies that President Mumbles spews, and that Psaki swwears to fool no one, well, except the Democratic voters leftist fools who refuse to embrace economic reality. Oh, and one more thing about those “necessary investments” The Other McCain understands, and shares what these “necessary investments” really are

“Necessary investments” = a flaming dumpster full of socialist crap.

BINGO!! What the president is really calling for is tax hikes that will hurt businesses, hurt the economy, cripple the job market, and will also cause higher prices that will disproportionally hurt the poor and middle class, stifle innovation and investment in things that actually work, and prove a great truth of life….

Democrats do not give the first damn about the poor, or middle class! They care only about one thing…..POWER!

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