More of my Confederate ancestors

My Great-Great-Grandfather Martin C. Mewborn served with Co. I 63rd Georgia. His older brother, Archibold Marion Mewborn, born May 23, 1831, served with Co. A 42nd Georgia, and died, or was killed at Bean Station, Grainger County, Tennessee, USA, October 20,1862

Here is his photo

Years ago, my father found records for my Great-Great-Grandfather Allan Dean McWhorter in Co. A 4th South Carolina Cavalry, I have found his service record and it lists him in Co. C of that regiment and, also Co. C 48th Georgia Infantry; Confederate States of America.

I believe he served in the infantry first, the joined the cavalry, note he was sent to the Hellish Point Lookout, MD. One of the worst POW camps, he was blessed to survive there

Captured 1 Dec 1864, Stony Creek, Virginia.
POW Point Lookout, MD.
Lost the sight of one eye while a prisoner

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