Cult of Climate Change hoping for a more radical movement………..

Via Pirates Cove comes a glaring question. Does the Cult of Climate Change actually believe their rhetoric? Or, is this all about another kind of “green”?

Anyone who thinks Leftist movements can’t get even more radical hasn’t been watching. We thought they couldn’t get more crazy and more extreme during the first term of Bush43. The second term was even crazier. And they ramped that up even more during the Obama admin. And even more during the Trump admin. There is no “turning the amp to 11”, because they keep adding numbers to the amplifier. They always find a way to go more moonbat

The case for a more radical climate movement
Author Andreas Malm on the failures of climate activism and the need for escalation.

Has the climate movement failed?

It’s hard to look at the world at this moment and not conclude that the answer is yes. Despite all the activism, despite all the protests, despite all the warnings, the world is still in many ways hostage to the fossil fuel industry.

So, the real question is just begging to be asked

A new book by Andreas Malm, a professor of human ecology at Sweden’s Lund University, asks a simple but perplexing question: Given the stakes, why hasn’t the global climate movement become far more radical than it is?

Go read it all, and ponder………………..

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