Mike McDaniel, explores the despicability of our current “leadership” in DC! They left Americans behind!!

The Feral Irishman has Femme Fatale Friday! Warning some adult content, which is why it is MUST READ!

Pirates Cove covers the mental state of, well, you know who

Kentucky Headhuntrer features Sen. Rand Paul, vs a leftist empty suit

Proof Positive has the BEST of the BEST, of the web!

Diogenes notes that Democrats have the Vapors, oh no!

Animal Magnetism has his Hump Day Post another MUST READ!!

Knuckledraggin has the Friday gifdump!!

Free North Carolina has the HMMMMM Post of the Day

Zendo Deb has cosplay gone WRONGGG

Fritz likes hot blondes who dig cars!

19th Ward has the Khmer Rouge?

90 Miles has a story of a soldier.…… who spoke truth

Bacon Time might have found bigfoot!

Blazing Cat Fur has, uh, well, THIS!

By Other Means has hot women indulging in cosplay

Daniel Greenfield has a thought provoker

Doug Ross has links!

The Notorious EBL has a movie review

Madd Medic has a very imortant warning about Tik Tok challenges

Moonbattery not all vegetarians are idiots… but this gal?

Pacific Pundit mulls the stupidity of whiny Republicans

Pappy has some history

Sonoran Conservative has her

Rio Norte Line has contemplation

Last Tradition: Lying Ass Liars in the Media!

The Other McCain has identity, Opposition and HATE

Obama Sez has LINKY LINKS

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